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Australian Architecture Channel SHELTER wins big at Monocle Design Awards

The MONOCLE Design Awards celebrate the best in design from around the world, including architecture, urban planning, graphic design, and furniture production. The awards recognise talent from 25 countries, spanning six continents.

Meet the Mexican architects building solutions for the City of Tomorrow this December on SHELTER

Discover secrets in urban sustainability and witness the rebirth of derelict factory spaces in Mexico City; join an exclusive live-stream event with the makers of MEXITY; explore six major works of an iconic Brazilian modernist; and follow the 70-year journey of four trailblazing women architects this December on SHELTER.

Trailer launched for new series FOLLIES on Shelter

Shelter’s first UK commissioned Original, FOLLIES is a joyous journey through four of England’s most fascinating follies to discover what makes them some of the country’s most interesting and iconic architecture

DESIGN STORY: BYRON BAY, part of the highlights this April on SHELTER

Exceptional and beautiful designs full of light and life, weaved in harmony with the natural habitat, and the pick of sustainable architecture and design films & series are showcased on SHELTER this April. 

DESIGN STORY: BYRON BAY, part of the highlights this March on SHELTER

Surviving and regenerating iconic landmarks post-disaster; a legendary entrancing architectural filmmaker; and interior designs to rival Australia’s most desired coastline are all explored with SHELTER this March.