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Meet the enchanting quolls of QUOLL FARM this February on ABC TV

This is the true story of a family of charismatic quolls that live on an abandoned farm in a hidden corner of Tasmania, and one man’s extraordinary devotion to save them.

Rick Stein continues his culinary journey this week on SECRET FRANCE

This is the land that celebrates the best of mountain cuisine with its grilled sausages and snails together with the finest fish straight out of the region’s famous self-contained sea lakes.


The historic ceremony marking the end of the Presidency of Donald Trump, and the beginning of Joe Biden’s term as 46th President of the United States, will take place in Washington DC later this week.

Peanut Butter and Chocolate tonight on NIGELLA’S Cook Eat Repeat

In this episode Nigella shows us to how make her go-to celebratory cake a chocolate peanut butter layered creation that is her children’s cake of dreams, dark, damp and divinely chocolatey.

GEORGE CLARKE finds a Japanese Pod Hotel in a Bus tonight on AMAZING SPACES

With a girlfriend and various family and friends also to cater for he’s come up with an ingenious plan — to transform a double decker coach into a Japanese style pod hotel for 20 people to travel and sleep in style.

TIM MINCHIN is the special guest this week on ONE PLUS ONE with Stan Grant

Tim Minchin has come a long way from his early days growing up in Perth. The comedian, actor and songwriter has become an international star by pushing boundaries and courting controversy.

Fried Chicken and Cheesecake Ice Cream this week on NIGELLA’S COOK, EAT, REPEAT

A fried chicken sandwich garnished with pickles and kimchi; cheesecake ice cream ; fear-free fish stew; and a cherry flambé - home cooking at its best, unforgettable food that we will want to cook again and again.

Rick Stein continues his SECRET FRANCE tour this week on ABC

In the third episode, Rick reaches the mid-point of his meander through France, exploring Burgundy and then arriving in the Auvergne for hearty dishes celebrating the finest meat and dairy.

AIRDATE | KEVIN McCLOUD returns to ABC with Grand Designs Home of the Year

Kevin and his co-presenters architect Damion Burrows, and design expert Michelle Ogundehin, visit five extraordinary homes battling it out for a place on the shortlist, all of which dare to be different.

George Clarke is back to reveal more AMAZING SPACES on ABC TV Plus

In the first episode George visits Olly and Tamsin in Bolton, a couple building a hideaway for themselves and their kids; a Hobbitesque Warren at the bottom of the garden.

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