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Everything new to stream this DECEMBER 2023 on SHELTER

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Shelter: The Architecture Channel Unveils Exciting December Line-up

December on Shelter: The Architecture Channel is set to captivate audiences with a diverse array of premieres. Notably, the channel is introducing Shelter Originals: Prefab Future House, a highly anticipated series delving into the revolutionary realm of prefabricated housing in Australia.

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Shelter Originals: Prefab Future House – A Groundbreaking Premiere

This month, viewers will witness the world premiere of Shelter Originals: Prefab Future House. This 25-minute Australian documentary, releasing on December 11, delves into the innovative partnership between Oscar Martin and Peter Stutchbury Architects. Their quest? To design sustainable, affordable, and aesthetically pleasing prefabricated homes. With Australia grappling with a housing crisis and escalating living costs, this documentary explores the potential for carbon-neutral or even carbon-negative housing solutions.

“There’s a real potential for the culture of housing in this country, to adapt to the future of housing in this country,” says Peter Stutchbury, one of Australia’s most celebrated architects.

Oscar Martin, after 15 years at the helm of Pedestrian, a popular pop-culture website, turned his focus to building, where he was struck by the wastage prevalent in the industry. “I’ve always believed that an architect’s success should be measured on how much waste leaves a site,” Martin remarks.

The documentary showcases the use of Cross Laminated Timber and the creation of prototype houses in New South Wales. These prototypes exemplify minimal environmental impact and waste, integrating seamlessly into their surroundings.

“We’re trying to provide a beautiful building, that can adapt to its settings – that start’s people thinking: ‘how big does a house need to be?’” states Stutchbury. Fellow architect Alejo de Achaval adds, “A small footprint can actually feel really big,” emphasizing the importance of sustainable living.

The production credits include Matt Bird as the writer, director, and producer, with Dustin Clare and Camille Clare serving as executive producers.

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Design to Create Communities: Prospettiva Olivetti

Another captivating release, Prospettiva Olivetti, available from December 4, takes viewers on a journey through the architectural legacy of Adriano Olivetti, the Italian industrialist and founder of Olivetti.

The 88-minute Italian feature explores Olivetti’s iconic buildings and the company’s global impact, combining personal stories and archival footage. This documentary won the Best Feature Film award at the Moscow International Design Film Festival in 2021.

Rebuilding from Devastation: The Grand Plan

Finally, The Grand Plan, releasing on December 18, is a six-part New Zealand series, each episode lasting 23 minutes. It chronicles the challenging journey of restaurateurs Nick and Sarah and entrepreneurs Graham and Stephen.

They tackle the task of transforming a heritage hotel in Christchurch into a modern gastropub, navigating the aftermath of four earthquakes and numerous obstacles. This series is a testament to resilience and innovation in the face of adversity.

Shelter’s December offerings promise to engage and inspire viewers with stories of architectural innovation, historic preservation, and resilient community building.

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