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Josh Frydenberg documentary to expose antisemitism in Australia

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Josh Frydenberg explores the rise of antisemitism in Australia in Never Again, airing on Sky News Australia.

Sky News Australia is set to launch an incisive documentary titled Never Again: The Fight Against Antisemitism on Tuesday 28 May at 7.00pm AEST. Hosted by Josh Frydenberg, the hour-long film delves into the disturbing rise of antisemitism in Australia and its repercussions on the nation and its democratic values.

The documentary gains significance in the backdrop of a grievous attack on Israel by Hamas on October 7 last year, exploring the subsequent worldwide increase in antisemitic hostility, a level reminiscent of the prelude to the Holocaust.

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Antisemitism’s escalation is traced from the iconic steps of the Sydney Opera House to the Caulfield, the core of Melbourne’s Jewish community. The issue manifests through violent rallies, defacement of national monuments, disruptions at major events, boycotts of Jewish businesses, doxing of Jewish artists, and harassment of individuals within the community.

Frydenberg engages in poignant discussions about this rising menace with a variety of notable Australians including Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, Opposition Leader Peter Dutton, former Prime Ministers John Howard and Julia Gillard, former senator and Olympic champion Nova Peris, former governor-general Peter Cosgrove, award-winning musician Deborah Conway, and Holocaust survivors.

Expressing his concerns, Josh Frydenberg commented,

“Since the attack on October 7, antisemitism in Australia has reached an unprecedented and dangerous level. Red lines have been crossed and a green light given to what clearly is unacceptable conduct.

This is a time our leaders need to show courage and moral clarity, taking stronger and more decisive action to call out and stamp out antisemitism in Australia.”

Never Again: The Fight Against Antisemitism seeks to address the radicalisation evident on our streets, explore the factors allowing antisemitism to flourish, and outline the necessary actions to eradicate it.

Never Again: The Fight Against Antisemitism premieres 28 May, 2024 on Sky News Australia.

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