NITV’s THE POINT puts the spotlight on First Nations issues in special election episode

In the lead up to the federal election, National Indigenous Television (NITV) continues to be at the forefront, covering the issues impacting First Nations communities and asking the questions that need to be answered before the May 21 poll.

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NITV commissioned documentary ARAATIKA! RISE UP premieres tonight for January 26

A group of Indigenous NRL players including Dean Widders, Preston Campbell, Timana Tahu and George Rose came together to develop a pre-game ceremony that would be a response to New Zealand’s much loved, universally recognised and hugely respected haka.

NITV asks audiences to ‘Reimagine Australia’ as it unveils new brand

National Indigenous Television (NITV) has revealed a new brand position encouraging all Australians to ‘Reimagine Australia,’ alongside a new logo and television schedule, as it marks nine years of being available free-to-air as part of the SBS network on Sunday 12 December.

NITV celebrates the life of Yolŋu actor David Dalaithngu AM

David’s acting career spanned 50 years. His presence and talent changed the way Aboriginal peoples are represented in cinema and grew the audience appetite for authentic First Nations stories.

NITV announces appointment of Jodan Perry as Head of Digital

National Indigenous Television (NITV) has announced that producer and journalist Jodan Perry has been appointed as Head of Digital, to support the growth of the channel’s digital offering.  

NITV announces appointment of Peter Noble as General Manager

National Indigenous Television (NITV) has announced the appointment of Peter Noble as General Manager, to support the continued growth and evolution of the channel dedicated to First Nations voices and perspectives. 

NITV continue commitment to storytelling through two new documentary series LARAPINTA and OUR LAW

The documentaries will join a family of powerful factual stories at NITV, following a year that has seen documentaries such as Incarceration Nation and History Bites Back reach audiences and garner discussion nationwide.

LIVING BLACK profiles a small town in NSW in crisis

Join Karla Grant as she investigates how COVID-19 reached Wilcannia, how this town had prepared for an outbreak 18 months ago only to have its plans ignored and why the Federal Government’s priority vaccine rollout failed.