AIRDATE | New COMPASS special explores the rise of Pagans Down Under

This movement has seen ancient religions resurface in contemporary forms. Pagans Down Under explores the private rituals, challenges and celebrations of Australians recreating ancient Pagan traditions for the southern hemisphere.

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COVID recovery edition of Q+A this week with guest host DAVID SPEERS

As Melbourne slowly emerges from its fourth heartbreaking lockdown, we check the nation’s pulse on job security and business confidence in the COVID recovery, plus the impact of Victoria’s recent devastating floods.

Adult Virgins in the season finale of You Can’t Ask That

This episode on Adult Virgins is not all about the act of sex, it’s about social milestones, pressures, hopes, dreams and the need for intimacy. A theme particularly relevant in the last 12 months.

MARCIA HINES is the special guest tonight on ANH’S BRUSH WITH FAME

Marcia Hines is an Australian music icon. She arrived in Australia, from Boston, as a 16-year-old to perform in the musical Hair and then made Australia her home, becoming one of our bestselling artists.

Dysfunctional comedy SUPERWOG returns with a brand new season this weekend on IVIEW

Superwog returns with the boys as newly minted adults who still fight with their parents and watch too much TV, but also take their drivers tests, charm cheerleaders and try and stay one step ahead of the law.

An intimate portrait of a unique and unlikely friendship on AUSTRALIAN STORY

When former pro tennis player Louise Pleming met homeless man Brian Turton in a Kings Cross soup kitchen three years ago, neither could have predicted the events that would follow.

GUY PEARCE returns this weekend with a brand new season of JACK IRISH

Emmy award-winner Guy Pearce is back for one last crusade reprising his iconic role as Jack Irish, a former criminal lawyer with a penchant for getting wrapped up in things he shouldn’t.

Mini-City Gardens this week on GARDENING AUSTRALIA

This week on Australia’s most popular lifestyle program, Costa meets a group of super-keen city gardeners who don’t let small gardens stop them – they’re spilling their bee-friendly plants out onto the streets!