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MAFS RECAP | Commitment Ceremony fallout, those texts, and here comes the honesty boxes, on MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT

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In the wake of last night’s Commitment Ceremony, the couples are in shock over Jonathan’s texting scandal with former bride Ellie.

Some are in disbelief that Jonathan of all people would be at the centre of a potential cheating scandal and anticipate Lauren’s fiery reaction.

In her apartment, Lauren is still reeling from the revelation. She feels especially betrayed following their homestay in Perth where they had been intimate again – she wonders if he was texting Ellie at the time.

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She requests to go through Jonathan’s phone, which he allows. As she scrolls through, she discovers the volume of messages is far greater than he’d admitted.

Lauren has an emotional hangover this morning. (image – Nine)

Even more troubling, the messages are quite flirtatious, and Lauren fails to find a single mention of herself in the texts from either Jonathan or Ellie. Jonathan offers half-hearted apologies, and the discussion becomes increasingly heated until Jonathan awkwardly exits.

Meanwhile, the other couples prepare for the upcoming Dinner Party. Jade and Ridge remain positive following the Commitment Ceremony, where Ridge revealed he’s falling in love with Jade. However, in the back of her mind, Jade still harbours some doubts over Ridge’s immaturity.

Also in a good place are Tim and Sara, who are on an upward trajectory after Sara’s infidelity. Tori and Jack revel in not being at the centre of controversy for once, and gloat over Jonathan being in the firing line.

Tori and Jack arrive first to the cocktail party and bask in being the happy “boring couple”. Eden and Jayden are next to arrive, much improved as a couple from where they were at the last Commitment Ceremony. Lauren arrives alone and proceeds to fill the rest of the group in on the situation with Jonathan.

Whatever Lauren and Jonathan were feeling, we’d say it’s dead. (image – Nine)

The remaining couples arrive and join the conversation. Finally, Jonathan makes an awkward entrance, noticeably failing to greet Lauren.

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The drama immediately kicks off at the dinner table, as Sara proposes a toast to Jonathan texting Ellie. The group questions Jonathan over the messages, though he continues to deflect any suggestion of wrongdoing.

Things escalate when Tori reveals Jonathan’s admission to Jack in earlier weeks that he wishes he’d been matched with Ellie, devastating Lauren. The discussion is interrupted by the arrival of the honesty boxes.

The couples tackle their honesty boxes one by one. Sara and Tim both admit they’re on the way to falling in love, and he admits he believes she’s over her ex. Despite disdain from the others, Tori and Jack remain outwardly strong together.

Jade tells Ridge he’s made her feel like she can fall in love again but fires up when Ridge shows off to the table with childish behaviour. Ridge quickly wins her back by reaffirming she’s the one for him, his commitment to being a father figure to her daughter, and his plan to move to the Gold Coast to be with her within 3 months.

Lauren trying to stare through Jono’s soul. (image – Nine)

The honesty box quickly turns into a head-to-head between Lauren and Jonathan, with Lauren taking the opportunity to interrogate Jonathan over the messages with Ellie. Jonathan again attempts to deflect any wrongdoing, and even tries to shift the blame for his behaviour onto Lauren.

Jonathan denies having any feelings for Ellie, leading Jack to ask if he would have had a better experience with Ellie. Backed into a corner, Jonathan finally admits he thinks he would have had an easier time matched with anyone other than Lauren. Incensed, Lauren tells Jonathan he’s the fakest person she’s ever met.

Everyone is delighted for Eden and Jayden. (image – Nine)

Finally, Eden kicks off her honesty box by asking Jayden how he feels about her, to which he immediately responds, “I love you”. The table breaks into delighted applause, while Eden hugs Jayden and whispers “I love you too” in his ear.

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The table toasts to the happy couple, while Eden throws away the remaining cards.

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    • I totally agree Susan. I used to love watching couples who end up together as they fall in love but now it’s just all fake, wanting fame and the producers just want the high ratings for all the drama

  1. I think this is the worst season I have ever watched.Their not on there for love just and to make money after it ends

  2. MAFS Recap: I wasted hours of my life watching up to episode 13 when I lost the will to live and switched off. The people are soooo boring and the format tired beyond belief.

  3. I agree it’s been amusing but this year its turned into a farce. Most of the candidates are not looking for love. We all like romance but this year it’s just not happening for most. There must be genuine lonely people in Australia who aren’t chasing fame. Also those who come with baggage ie walls up and distrust should not be on this show. Let’s get back to pure matching for true romance.

  4. Need to pick more mature people Who jumps into bed with stranger you never met not normal people wanting life commitment so what the big hang up you need more in life format crap

  5. It’s funny Lauren is know happy for Jono and Ellie. She has said they are more compatible than she was with Jono.

  6. This season is a joke, it’s just about sex for a few weeks then how much airtime the losers can get & what big amounts of money can be made at the end. Sadly the few who really want to be loved loose out & who ever have matched these people are rubbish. I do like the experts though just sad about some of the pathetic fame seeking contestants on it now. What will some people do for money fame & sex. Sad world today.

  7. I’m starting wondering that mafs Experiment doesn’t work thay art in there for the right reason there all in there for fame the experts need to change the way thay do things and the British one isn’t any better

  8. These 3 aren’t experts ….. he’ll no ones an expert what a joke they have let the so called MMAFs away with lots they haven’t held any of them accountable they say o we will hold them accountable but it’s the other way round tori an jack get away with everything because they are cunning and dont answer questions and it’s just pathetic they should of been thrown off the show got rid …. but no they still there and the lies go on an on and on and 0n…. end of

  9. I laughed when the new couple came into the program Ash & Madeline , poor bloke took one look at all of them round the dinner table and thought they are all bloody bonkers 😂😂😂I thought the same about this series

  10. I think they are chosen on purpose, it wouldn’t be very good TV if they just sat there telling each other how much they loved one another. I watch it for the Agro much better Tele and they know that.

  11. I’m halfway through watching season two of the New Zealand one. There is a Polish girl on there who is completely fake. 


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