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Everything new streaming this APRIL 2024 on STAN

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April on Stan is packed with premieres and new seasons, including Sullivan’s Crossing and the much-anticipated Red Eye.

April on Stan heralds an impressive array of television series that cater to a wide spectrum of tastes, alongside a rich schedule of sporting events guaranteed to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Red Eye emerges as a standout thriller, exclusively available on Stan, starring Jing Lusi and Richard Armitage. The narrative thrusts London police officer DC Hana Li, portrayed by Lusi, into a perilous journey as she is tasked with escorting Dr. Matthew Nolan, played by Armitage, back to Beijing under grave accusations. The drama unfolds mid-flight, where a conspiracy escalates into a series of murders, compelling DC Li to navigate through a maze of danger and deceit. This series is particularly notable for its high-stakes storyline intertwined with complex character dynamics, promising a thrilling viewing experience.

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On the lighter side, Such Brave Girls makes its debut on April 18, promising laughter and heartfelt moments. Produced by A24, this British sitcom focuses on the lives of two sisters, Josie (Kat Sadler) and Billie (Lizzie Davidson), along with their single mother Deb (Louise Brealey). The show adeptly explores themes of familial bonds, self-worth, and the comedic misadventures that arise from their poor decision-making skills. With a unique blend of humor and poignant moments, Such Brave Girls offers a refreshing take on the sitcom genre.

Returning to Stan on April 15, Sullivan’s Crossing brings viewers back to the scenic landscapes of rural Nova Scotia. The ensemble cast, featuring Chad Michael Murray, Morgan Kohan, and Scott Patterson, continues the story of Maggie Sullivan, a neurosurgeon seeking to mend her relationship with her estranged father, Sully. Season 2 deepens the narrative, exploring Maggie’s dedication to her father’s recovery from a stroke and the ensuing personal and professional dilemmas. This series, based on Robyn Carr’s beloved novels, combines heartwarming storytelling with relatable characters, making it a must-watch for fans of drama and romance.

Big Mood, premiering on March 29, introduces a daring comedy that delves into the complexities of female friendship. Nicola Coughlan and Lydia West star as Maggie and Eddie, lifelong friends facing the tumultuous transition into their thirties. The series doesn’t shy away from addressing serious issues such as mental health, depicted through Maggie’s struggle with bipolar disorder, framed within the context of their unwavering bond. Big Mood stands out for its candid and humorous portrayal of friendship, adversity, and growth.

All American, starting its new season on April 2, continues the inspiring tale of Spencer Paysinger, with Daniel Ezra reprising his role. This season, Spencer’s journey becomes even more introspective, focusing on his personal life, relationships, and the enduring quest for identity amidst the pressures of high-stakes football. The show adeptly blends sports drama with compelling character studies, offering a nuanced perspective on ambition, loyalty, and the search for belonging.

Walker, set to premiere its latest season on April 4, sees Jared Padalecki return as Cordell Walker. This reimagining of the classic Walker, Texas Ranger series introduces viewers to a more introspective version of the titular character, exploring themes of family, justice, and redemption. Season 4 promises to delve deeper into Walker’s personal challenges, including his efforts to understand the mysterious circumstances surrounding his wife’s death, setting the stage for an emotionally charged narrative.

White Lies, premiering on April 8, stars Natalie Dormer and Brendon Daniels in a gripping crime thriller set against the backdrop of Cape Town’s shadowy corners. The story follows investigative journalist Edie Hansen as she uncovers unsettling truths following her brother’s murder. This series distinguishes itself with its intense storyline and compelling character arcs, offering a stark exploration of crime, family, and morality.

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Senorita 89 returns with a new season on April 3, featuring Ilse Salas, Natasha Dupeyrón, and Ximena Romo. Set in the glamorous yet cutthroat world of the Miss Mexico pageant, the series skillfully navigates the complexities of ambition, rivalry, and the dark underbelly of beauty contests. Season 2 amplifies the drama, capturing the essence of the ’90s pageant scene amidst a backdrop of network wars and personal vendettas.

Apart from these stellar series, Stan continues to offer a rich catalogue of ongoing series, blockbuster movies, and must-watch TV shows catering to diverse genres and interests. From classic films and beloved sitcoms to family-friendly content, there’s something for every member of the household.

On the sports front, Stan Sport ensures fans won’t miss a beat with an exhaustive lineup of live events, ranging from rugby to football and motorsports. Notable highlights include The Gathering, Super Rugby Pacific, and the UEFA Champions League, promising ad-free, live, and on-demand coverage of key matches and tournaments.

April on Stan is poised to be a month brimming with entertainment, offering a perfect blend of drama, comedy, thriller, and sports content.

With such a varied selection, viewers are guaranteed to find their next binge-worthy show or eagerly anticipated sports event, making Stan the ultimate destination for premium entertainment this month.

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