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Charlotte Crosby to star as House Boss in AUSSIE SHORE

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Charlotte Crosby stars as the House Boss in Aussie Shore, launching soon on Paramount+.

Paramount+ has confirmed the introduction of a new key player in their programming lineup with Charlotte Crosby stepping in as the House Boss for the debut Australian series, Aussie Shore.

This series marks the first Australian venture in the globally successful “Shores” franchise, following in the footsteps of iconic series such as Jersey Shore and Geordie Shore. The latter notably catapulted Charlotte Crosby, one of the most iconic figures in reality TV, to stardom.

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Set against the vibrant backdrop of Cairns, North Queensland, Aussie Shore will feature ten spirited Australian singles ready to live their best lives in a summer filled with unscripted drama and unforgettable moments. As House Boss, Crosby will guide the cast through the ups and downs of their collective journey, offering a mix of support and supervision as they juggle work, play, and personal growth.

Charlotte Crosby brings with her a massive social media following of over 17 million fans, renowned for her candid portrayal of life on screen which spans a decade-long career in reality television. Her tenure on Geordie Shore has well-prepared her for the role, combining her experience and evolved persona from party enthusiast to a more mature, albeit still playful, leader.

In her role as House Boss, Crosby is set to manage the delicate balance of ensuring the house remains intact while maximizing the entertainment and drama, much akin to a “lifeguard of beachside chaos” or a “referee of the sandy battleground”. Her charismatic, candid approach to life and humor remains a draw for viewers and is expected to be a central feature of Aussie Shore.

Charlotte Crosby is celebrated for her straightforward, humorous approach to life, both on and off screen. Her lively social media presence continues to grow, offering fans a glimpse into her day-to-day life and capturing significant engagement.

The Aussie Shore residence promises to be the hub of non-stop, intense partying and social interactions, located in a prime tourist destination famed for its proximity to the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest. The natural beauty and lively atmosphere of Cairns are expected to provide an ideal setting for the series’ antics and adventures.

This new series is being produced with support from Screen Queensland’s Production Attraction Strategy, ensuring that the Aussie version of the Shores franchise will have a distinct local flavour while drawing on the successful elements of its predecessors.

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  1. Why do you insist on flogging slows to death and these shows are about 5 years to old now another waste of space on our tellys and it hasn’t even started aussie media needs to find itself not copy paste from overseas

    • TV Blackbox yeah the Australian version the the rest of the shore series have all died and left our TV’s years ago so why revive a dead horse again. Is Australian TV that far behind we have to copy paste other old shows


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