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MAFS RECAP | Eden bolts from the Dinner Party and Tori cuts ties with the group, on MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT

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The couples have returned from Homestays and are eager to catch up on each other’s progress at tonight’s Dinner Party.

After 10 days away having surgery, Lauren is the most excited of all, having returned on a high from a successful, reconnected and intimate homestay in Perth with husband Jonathan.

But all is not well between Lauren and friend and Tori, who conspicuously failed to check in with her regarding her recent medical treatment.

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Lauren suspects Jack’s influence is the real reason behind the apparent demise of their friendship but is hopeful she’ll be able to clear the air tonight.

Tori, having finally consummated her marriage to Jack on Homestays, is looking forward to sharing her news with the group who have been questioning their lack of intimacy since day one.

Meanwhile Lucinda and Timothy are in crisis having returned from Melbourne separately. While Lucinda is ready to share some honest feedback with her husband, Timothy has had time to reflect on his reactions and is ready to face the music.

Oh snap! (image – Nine)

While all the couples arrive at the cocktail party, Eden and Jayden have been delayed by a fight about Homestays and Eden’s nerves about facing the group’s questions about their relationship. Eden’s aversion to conflict has her terrified this argument will soon spiral into another at the dinner table.

Lucinda and Timothy are first to air their grievances at the table and take their chat outside where they reach a positive conclusion, with Lucinda admitting it is hard to stay angry with hunky Timothy. He apologises for his behaviour, and they hug it out.

Back at the table, as Tori and Jack take the floor to share their news and plans to the disbelieving group, Jack reveals he has offered a room in the Gold Coast Tori. Lauren seizes the opportunity to question them both about Jack’s history of offensive behaviours, and Tori’s habit of letting offensive things slide.

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The veins are popping. (image – Nine)

The conversation soon amps up and Timothy accuses the pair of faking their sex life. Tori reaches boiling point and makes a final and explosive revelation: she intends never to speak to anyone in the group after the experiment.

Lauren, in particular, is hurt. With Tori publicly ending her friendship with Lauren, she finds herself completely isolated from the group.

It’s not looking good for Eden and Jayden. (image – Nine)

Meanwhile Eden can no longer sit quietly at the table and heading to the other room, she and Jayden begin talking out their issues.

But instead of talking it out, it appears Eden simply agrees with everything Jayden says to keep the peace and they continue to go in circles – a conflict style the experts must unpack on the couch at the next Commitment Ceremony.

Married At First Sight continues Sunday night at 7:00pm on Channel 9 and 9Now

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