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MAFS RECAP | Homestay Week is finally here on MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT

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Homestay Week is finally here, and the remaining six couples get ready to visit their partner’s home turf to see what their life could be like together, post-experiment.

Jayden and Eden are on the tip of everyone’s lips as the Commitment Ceremony the night before uncovered shocking information about Eden behind closed doors.

The once seemingly picture-perfect couple have woken up frosty with each other and despite trying to resolve their issues before home stays, their conservation ends in awkward silence. Needing time to clear her head, Eden has left the apartment and missed her flight to the Gold Coast – forcing Jayden to fly home by himself.

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And the award for roughest start of the week goes to… Eden and Jayden (image – Nine)

A few hours later, Eden finally arrives in their hometown of the Gold Coast. Hopeful to clear the air, Jayden and Eden go for a stroll along the beach. However, despite Jayden’s attempts to discuss their issues, Eden continues to shut conversations down, leaving things unresolved.

Later that day, the couple meets Jayden’s parents, Julie and Michael, his brother Mitch and Eden’s father Phil for a barbeque lunch. Having not seen the pair in a while, Mitch is excited to learn more about their relationship. Eden, however, downplays their issues and insists that “everything is still good” between them.

Sensing an underlying tension between the pair, Mitch wants to get to the bottom of what’s really going on with Jayden in his relationship. In a private chat, Jayden finally updates Mitch on everything that’s been happening since the Retreat, which leaves Mitch doubtful.

Jono met another important person in Lauren’s life, Lauren’s best friend Mackenzie (image – Nine)

Jonathan is excited to finally reunite with Lauren after her emergency operation and week-long recovery at home in Perth. The pair are in great spirits, Lauren cannot wait to introduce him to best friend Mackenzie. From her conversations with Lauren throughout the experiment, Mackenzie’s expectations of Jonathan are low.

But, upon meeting him, she is pleasantly surprised and gives Lauren the big tick of approval – which hits Lauren hard as she realises she’s been hard on Jonathan since day one. With home stays being a positive experience for Lauren and Jonathan, overnight they have hit new relationship highs as they have once again rekindled romantic spark.

After weeks of letting his walls down, Timothy is experiencing an emotional hangover but hoping that returning home will be just what he needs, Timothy has brought Lucinda home to Melbourne. While Lucinda tries to be open minded to Timothy’s bachelor pad and makes the most of spending time together, Timothy reverts back to putting his walls back up and pushes Lucinda away in the process.

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Lucinda has reached her limit. (image – Nine)

In a catch up with Timothy’s friends, both Rachel and Shane are delighted to hear that Timothy has been allowing himself to be vulnerable and they encourage him to continue opening up. Lucinda takes the opportunity to have a chat with Shane who reveals that Timothy is a doting partner in relationships. This is an eye-opening moment for Lucinda who realises Timothy has never treated her this way. She realises she wants a lot more for herself.

The next day, Timothy’s need for space grows stronger and he decides to take time away from Lucinda, disappearing until late. Lucinda’s left feeling let down and starts doubting their relationship even more. Despite her effort to talk things out over a picnic, Timothy announces that emotions and feelings are simply not for him and prefers to keep things bottled up – this is ultimately what he has been taught all his life.

He walks out mid conversation and defeated, Lucinda packs away the picnic and leaves alone.

Married At First Sight continues tonight at 7:30pm on Channel 9 and 9Now

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