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EXCLUSIVE | Major security breach with a break-in at the Big Brother House

Outside the BIG BROTHER house (image - Nigel Wright/Seven) .
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Crew were shocked to find 4 intruders in the house despite an array of cameras and on-site security

The current Big Brother house (image – Daily Mail)

Endemol Shine Australia has been in damage control after 3 boys and 1 girl climbed over a fence and entered the Big Brother House.

The Channel 7 series is due to wrap on Monday after extending production and are currently running on skeleton crew.

Ben Norris from The Ben, Rob & Robbo Internet Show reports the intruders entered the house at 9.46pm on Tuesday night. According to Ben:

“The housemates were actually inside the facility. Forty seconds after breaking into the facility it is believed that security were able to take these people out and ask them to delete all the evidence on their phones”


TV Blackbox can reveal the production team were so intent on keeping the break-in a secret that the incident was not logged in the overnight report.

Furthermore, Seven was not advised of the incident and knew nothing about it when contacted by TV Blackbox.

Behind the scenes, Endemol Shine has tried to discredit our reporting and have warned all crew members they must deny any knowledge of the incident occurring, but TV Blackbox has had the break-in confirmed by multiple sources and we have seen photos of the intruders.

We were shown the pics by a source on condition we do not publish them.

This is not the first time Endemol Shine has tried to hide mishaps behind the scenes. Earlier this year the production company denied an eviction had not been recorded and even tarnished the credibility of 7 News by having their website discredit our report. Multiple housemates have since confirmed to us the eviction in question was Angela’s and they did indeed have to reshoot her reaction to leaving the house.

*Channel 7 has been contacted for comment

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