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FIRST LOOK | Australian airdate confirmed for three-part thriller BLACK NARCISSUS

The clifftop palace of Mopu has been donated by General Toda Rai (Kulvinder Ghir), who hopes the Sisters of St. Faith will rid the ‘House of Women’ of unhappy memories connected to his late sister, Srimati Rai (Gianni Gonsalves).

Czech espionage drama THE SLEEPERS arrives at SBS On Demand

In the midst of the Velvet Revolution, which brought 40 years of Moscow’s dominance to an end, an ordinary woman gets caught between the two worlds of State Security and the dissidents.

French crime drama LAETITIA arrives at SBS On Demand

This series, based on a true story, will follow the repercussions on Laetitia’s family, above all on her twin sister Jessica, but also on the working of the police force, the social services, and the judicial system and even on the Government.

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