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From Big Screen to TV: BOILING POINT Lands on BBC First

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Anticipation is high as BBC First gets set to debut its gripping drama, “Boiling Point”, at 8:30 pm on Tuesdays starting from October 31.

The series, which will also be accessible via Binge and On Demand streaming, sees its origin from a critically-acclaimed feature film.

Leading the cast is Stephen Graham from “This Is England” and “Line of Duty”. He’s joined by Vinette Robinson, previously seen in “Six Four” and “Sherlock”, and Hannah Walters of “This Is England” and “Time”. The narrative revolves around a group of chefs facing extreme pressures in a restaurant amidst a hospitality sector undergoing tumult.

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Diving deeper into the series, viewers will reconnect with the story six months after the events of the film. Vinette Robinson, who clinched a Bifa award for her portrayal in the film, returns as Sous Chef Carly, now the Head Chef at her own establishment.

She’s surrounded by familiar faces, as many original cast members return to reprise their roles. Amid the challenges of attracting patrons and ensuring the restaurant’s financial viability, the team grapples with personal dilemmas and the constant pursuit of culinary perfection.

Set against the backdrop of a bustling east London eatery, the series encapsulates the intense environment of today’s culinary world. Carly, stepping into the shoes of the former head chef played by Stephen Graham, confronts the challenges of overseeing a business, mentoring new recruits, and confronting personal hurdles, especially given Graham’s character’s recovery from a debilitating heart attack.

“Restaurants operate similarly across the globe. There’s an evident hierarchy. But beneath that, there’s an ongoing mental health crisis in the sector,”

said Director and Executive Producer Phil Barantini.

“We delve into universal themes like addiction, mental health struggles, and personal challenges. We aim to highlight these societal issues, hoping viewers resonate with the stories and perhaps see reflections of their own experiences.”

Joining Robinson, Graham, and Walters from the film are renowned co-stars Ray Panthaki, Gary Lamont, Áine Rose Daly, Taz Skylar, Daniel Larkai, Stephen McMillan, and Hannah Traylen.

When it premiered as a film in 2021, “Boiling Point” garnered immense appreciation, securing nominations for over 30 global awards across various categories. It boasted four Bafta nods, 11 Bifa nominations, resulting in four Bifa victories, two National Film Awards, and triumphing at the Taormina Film Festival with four accolades.

Don’t miss “Boiling Point” on BBC First – scheduled for 8.30pm on Tuesdays from October 31 on Foxtel and Fetch.

The series will also be streaming on Binge, Foxtel On Demand and Fetch

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