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Tuesday VOZ Ratings | The drama of MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT triumphant again

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10 come as close as they have all season, while Seven capitulates.


  • Total TV Overnight Top 30 and Consolidated 7 Top 30 National Total TV reach is calculated using cumulative unique audiences watching 1 min of broadcast TV and 15 sec of BVOD.
  • Total TV National audience is calculated using the audience average for the program as time-coded by the Network across 5CM and all regional markets nationally watching on broadcast TV and BVOD.
  • BVOD national audience is calculated using the total number of minutes watched (including co-viewing) divided by the length of the program.


Married At First Sight (1,503,000 avg) (lw 1.489m) on Nine continued to be unchallengeable, though the season nine finale of Australian Survivor (706,000 avg) (lw 603k) on Channel 10 had a red-hot go. A new/repeat ep double of Highway Patrol (434,000 avg; 395,000 avg) on Seven worked ostensibly as a placeholder, failing to compete with anyone and falling to fourth in the slot.

No guess how 7pm on the commercial networks finished up:
A Current Affair (1,091,000 avg) on Nine
Home and Away (752,000 avg) on Seven
The Project (309,000 avg) (6:30pm-7:30pm) on 10.

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Over on the ABC, 7:30 (657,000 avg) (lw 671k) and Back Roads (583,000 avg) (lw 495k) were solid in primetime, followed by Better Date Than Never (286,000 avg) (lw 264k) and the finale of Whales with Steve Backshall (203,000 avg) (lw 211k).

The Hundred with Andy Lee (704,000 avg) (lw 659k) on Nine unequivocally wins the later primetime, while Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA (244,000 avg) (lw 205k) on Seven and stand-in Aaron Chen Comedy Special (214,000 avg) on 10 chase up from a reasonable distance behind.


NetworkTotal TVBroadcastBVOD
(Network + affiliates; FTA shares; 6pm-midnight; all figures %)


Sunrise 388,000 avg
The Today Show 307,000 avg
ABC Breakfast 236,000 avg


ServiceTimeO’nights (avg)
ABC News7pm-7:30pm857,000
Seven News6pm-7pm1,279,000
Nine News6pm-7pm1,137,000
10 News First5pm-6pm303,000


Total TV Overnight Top 30 Programs

Total TV Consolidated 7 Top 30 Programs

Data © OzTAM Pty Limited 2024. The data may not be reproduced, published or communicated (electronically or in hard copy) in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of OzTAM.

Note: Program performance and ranking information subject to change when not based on final program logs. Programs with the same name on one or more primary or multichannel, are aggregated into one network figure.

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  1. He is absolutely vile and she is deluded. Turkey teeth and so full of himself. Tori what on earth do you see, I see an absolute B end and misogynist. Open your ears and see what is real?

  2. He didn’t back her up nor once when his CLIENTS were grilling her.
    When the bimbo said that she must be sleeping with all her male friends he should have stopped her but no he sat there with a bloody stupid grim on that smug face.
    In my younger days I had more male friends then female friends and I can say that I wasn’t sleeping with any of them. His a touch bag who only has love for himself.
    If I was her I would run for the hills.

  3. You can’t fall of the floor and she is there he is a nasty piece of work he loves himself l wonder how many clients he has after seeing him in this light but if is clients are like those two he will l feel lead to the end he could not lie straight in bed

  4. Why the hell she doesn’t run, he’s rotten, he’s not all that he’s weird and so are his so called friend/ clients ,😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫

  5. He’s a controlling narcissistic prick. ” He’s so I love me who do you love” . Can’t understand why she lets him treat her that way. Can’t stand the asshole.

  6. They say love is blind, but this girl takes that to another leval, a man like that, who wont touch her, why, why, why.

    • Angela van Buul she is embarrassing to watch.
      First of all if he liked her at all in A romantic way even just a little he would want to be intimate with her . I saw him have a visit with another contestant on the show and you could EASILY SO EASILY tell he was very attracted to her as he told her she looked like his ex…….
      Tori is one of those girls that
      would stick with him knowing he does NOT find her attractive in a romantic way….WHAT WOMAN WANTS TO BE WITH A GUY THAT SHE KNOWS IS NOT ROMANTICALLY ATTRACTED TO HER….OH HELL NO !!!

    • Greer Childers he is attracted to Jade, tried flirting with her, thankfully she was not at all interested.

    • Rosemary Atterbury yes very obvious to see…..his reaction to her was so clear…He was like a little kid giggling …what an ass !!!!

  7. It’s painful to watch her , whether it’s an act to stay in the show or she’s really that obsessed with him .
    Either way it’s not pleasant to watch .

    • Jo Hollingworth yep. I think she is moving up to the GC. She is on marketplace selling her car and fridge. 🤷‍♀️ They stayed in a bnb because his ex lives at jackass’s place. Lost cause these two. Tori pick up your very limited dignity and go home.

    • Jo Hollingworth i think its an act, if you watch her she smirks as well. plus if you heard a man say,s he can sleep with my wife, you would go mental. she didnt bat an eyelid. i think there both playing games. and he is a narcissist. horrible man.

  8. Says she is a strong independent woman yet allows Jack to control her . He’s only in this for air time. He’s a piece of work and she can’t see it🤨

  9. Why the heck Lauren’s husband didn’t back her up, is beyond me and Jack gave him the choice me bro or muzzled woman,

  10. People just love ❤️ watching FOOLS making fools of them selfs on National television 📺 . And they are supposed to be professional in their fields , what a JOKE . No one in their right minds would do such SHIT . 👍💯

  11. I am so struggling to see the attraction! I mean she’s a natural beauty and he’s full on fake. Perleasee wake up Tori 🤷‍♀️

  12. It’s all for our entertainment, you have the choice of watching it or turning it off, I’m sure this one is just a joke

  13. Seriously wat man does everything with his shirt buttons undone does he think he’s gods gift to women I think it’s bloody disgusting

  14. He’s so creepy and that sleazy little mouth and frozen face. Definitely a Narcissistic peter pan personality.

  15. She’s to intelligent to be so submissive to this egotistical prick…I think She’s playing along to stay in this show..she must know what she’s doing..

  16. Imagine having the time in this 1 lifetime to be with a man who doesn’t care about anything but him …. makes your skin want to fold up into origami

  17. Jack you ‘worm tail’ you! And Tori…. Poor gal, can’t see the wood for the trees. The eyes can’t see when the brain is blind.

  18. Such a shame that someone can treat someone like this and not have any regard to their feelings, feel for her so much that she letting him treat her this way, hope she eventually realises what he’s about and throws him to the kerb?

  19. He’s “proud” of her and she says “just fake it” when they kiss…
    They’re either having a laff or a seriously messed up couple

  20. Without a doubt they’re both sticking around for free hotel
    Free food drama so big payday
    Money hungry pair of snakes I wouldn’t want him if his ass was stuffed with gold 🤢

  21. LOL Let’s face it, who wouldn’t sign up for a two month all expenses paid holiday with the tiny chance of actually meeting someone whose company you might enjoy for part of that holiday? Acting as though your feathers are ruffled on occasion is a small price to pay. With the amount of fakers who get chosen by ‘the experts’ I think it’s yhe so called experts who should be asked to stay or leave based on THEIR performance.

  22. He is a control freak who likes to dominate women that’s why he only had clients at his wedding no friends .

  23. He churns one stomach everything about him is fake. I dont know who does his hair but he needs to ask for his money back


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