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ABC signs MOU with Indonesian National Public Television Network

The MOU jointly recognises the role of the ABC and TVRI as national broadcasters in their respective countries and serves as an expression of the ABC’s commitment to collaboration and cooperation with TVRI.

Tuesday VOZ Ratings | MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT blows away the ill-advised ROAST OF JOHN CLEESE

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WATCH | First look at new season and judging lineup for THE VOICE AUSTRALIA 2024

The spectacular combination of brand-new coaches LeAnn Rimes, Adam Lambert, Kate Miller-Heidke and returning coach Guy Sebastian promises a season filled with phenomenal performances, emotional moments and life-changing opportunities.
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You’d think Seven would have learned the first time around with the Roast of Paul Hogan, but nooooooooooo…


  • Total TV Overnight Top 30 and Consolidated 7 Top 30 National Total TV reach is calculated using cumulative unique audiences watching 1 min of broadcast TV and 15 sec of BVOD.
  • Total TV National audience is calculated using the audience average for the program as time-coded by the Network across 5CM and all regional markets nationally watching on broadcast TV and BVOD.
  • BVOD national audience is calculated using the total number of minutes watched (including co-viewing) divided by the length of the program.


Seven shrink back their reality program run and drop in a “roast” special that…how can I put this delicately…tanks…while MAFS continues to own the primetime slot:
Married At First Sight (1,489,000 avg) (lw 1.66m) on Nine
The Australian Roast of John Cleese (458,000 avg) on Seven
Australian Survivor (603,000 avg) (lw 571k) on Channel 10.

No change at 7pm for the commercial networks:
A Current Affair (1,037,000 avg) on Nine
Home and Away (766,000 avg) on Seven
The Project (323,000 avg) (6:30pm-7:30pm) on 10.

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The ABC offers up a weaker night, with 7:30 (671,000 avg) (lw 644k) remaining solid, though the audience diminished through Back Roads (495,000 avg) (lw 513k), Better Date Than Never (264,000 avg) (lw 276k), and Whales with Steve Backshall (211,000 avg) (lw k).

Australian content was unassailable in the later primetime commercial slot, which meant The Hundred with Andy Lee (659,000 avg) (lw 769k) on Nine came in a strong first, followed by Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA (205,000 avg) (lw 369k) on Seven and a repeat of NCIS (106,000 avg) (lw 103k) on 10.


NetworkTotal TVBroadcastBVOD
(Network + affiliates; FTA shares; 6pm-midnight; all figures %)


Sunrise 374,000 avg
The Today Show 304,000 avg
ABC Breakfast 240,000 avg


ServiceTimeO’nights (avg)
ABC News7pm-7:30pm828,000
Seven News6pm-7pm1,280,000
Nine News6pm-7pm1,081,000
10 News First5pm-6pm313,000


Total TV Overnight Top 30 Programs

Total TV Consolidated 7 Top 30 Programs

Data © OzTAM Pty Limited 2024. The data may not be reproduced, published or communicated (electronically or in hard copy) in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of OzTAM.

Note: Program performance and ranking information subject to change when not based on final program logs. Programs with the same name on one or more primary or multichannel, are aggregated into one network figure.

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  1. I think Richard has been really hurt in the past and now desperate for someone to love him so desperate for love he was unable to listen to her telling him what she was feeling. Only considering his own needs. He is now emotionally too broken to understand. It’s a shame it didn’t work looked so good at the beginning maybe should have been like Timothy a slow burn get to know each other first.

    • Alana Elizabeth except she said his behaviour reminds her of her ex… so she is hiding behind an excuse of trauma. Why does she stay, 6 weeks holding a grudge over a comment, that’s not normal! He is seriously asking her to be honest about her feelings for him, she doesn’t want to be with him that’s painfully obvious, especially to Richard. She has no interest in him or working on a relationship, none, yet she writes STAy. She could leave but rather she is fixated on everything he says and does looking for something she can make a problem and look like a victim

    • Adela Zapata we are all able to have our thoughts on the matter you have your I have mine that’s what brings conversation to these situations

    • Nadia Giggins -we are all able to have our thoughts on the matter you have your I have mine that’s what brings conversation to these situations

  2. She told him about all her boyfriend no can’t take what he’s saying to,her settle don’t say,,so much you all have to understand ,you are NOT MARRIED so don’t say anything 🤷

  3. At this age (me included at 57). We are all damaged in some way. It’s how we deal with the recovery that makes the difference. Past makes us stronger to deal with the future

  4. She should have been matched with Timothy and Lucinda should have been matched with Richard, even though Lucinda is younger.

    • Lisa Lisa no I like Tim and Lucinda she has done wonders for bringing down his wall. So funny at the start Lucinda was exactly what Tim want meditation chicken feathers lol now look at him doing yoga and living life.

  5. The whole show is a joke! Can you imagine your life being televised like this! They are either acting or using false Images! 😀😀

  6. He’s a Vulnerable Narcissist so blames her for everything and balls his eyes out for attention. It’s all about his ego and how he looks in the eyes of others. Nothing genuine about him. Hopefully Andy finds a love that truly loves her unconditionally and deeply

    • Alana Schneider 😂😂😂 Andy is a covert narcissist… she is the one manipulating, lying and gaslighting, her yelling/screaming and bashing on tables is coercive control, she is triangulating, trying to make him look bad to turn people against him, she is holding a grudges over a comment, she withdrew her affection/commitment (quite easily I will add) as soon as she was displeased… but yet each week she stays then ignores him.

    • Deb Cable So you think is okay for this sleazy, disgusting poor excuse of a man to openly talk about all details of their sex life to everyone. He obviously has no respect and is only interested in himself and has a tantrum when things don’t go his way. He is clearly the one that is the narcissist.

    • Anne Weightman are you saying she likes Richard? And he is using/hurting her but she is to blinded by love?? Are you saying she IS there to ‘try’ and keep them together save their relationship… why is his offensive language only in question, however she can scream, slam tables and that oK? If he was doing this to her it would be abuse!! Women are so hypocritical. Why doesn’t she just leave… she ain’t staying there for him, she hates him, but won’t admit it, of course… that’s a key definition of narcissistic personality disorder (every person has a level of narcissism, mostly healthy, some are disordered resulting in Cluster B personality types), using others, without remorse for self gain… she also love bombed him in the beginning then after a conversation (plenty of people have laughed of such stupidity) completely disconnected, withdrew affection to manipulate… blaming it on her past trauma, to reinforce her victim role. But, if Richie acknowledges that trauma she flips out… Richard seem to care a bit to much, I’m not a fan of him but I do think he is there for her, he wants to be with her… which is flatly the opposite to NPD… I find her extremely passive aggressive and a bully especially as her behaviour would not be allowed if she were male. You should look into Covert Narcs or maybe BPD, she is certainly showing actions of B&W thinking and Splitting.

    • Deb Cable OMG…..you must be as bad as him to think his behaviour is ok. She gets so frustrated with him as he keeps asking what he has done wrong. Every time she tries to answer he talks over the top of her and won’t listen.

    • Anne Weightman no when he asks her to tell him exactly what he did, ie, when did he say inappropriate things on retreat week, she changes the story, so he pushes for an answer so she blows up… starts yelling and slamming tables!

    • Deb Cable This is what he as a Vulnerable Narcissist created, the frustration, the demise of all sense of worth, He Destroyed her! He is also a reactive abuser… builds he up. manipulates her and baits her till she is at total loss of control and frustration and then he Reacts, blaming Andy for everything…contributing toward further manipulation and gaslighting!

    • I also think that is just what you want to see. I had a BPD mother NPD husband, did 14 years psych therapy to recover from the abuse… I’m well experienced to understand the deeper meaning of it all… and I see her as a Covert Narcissistic with BPD traits. She’s manipulating him, every week giving him the hope of returned love… (part of lovebombing cycle) telling him she wants to ‘stay’ but has no intention of having a relationship with him… a point you keep ignoring… why is she staying if he is damaging her so much, it’s not like she’s in love and wants to be with him. So why?

    • Alana Schneider hey Alana did you notice that when she was sitting there snarling, huffing and puffing with her bad posture Richard didn’t loop out and start smashing tables (that was her narc rage btw, because he wasn’t sitting the way she wanted). Did you also notice how she said after the chemistry, she didn’t like him – but she stayed while giving him enough hope that he writes stay, that’s manipulation, very hurtful behaviour, and lacking empathy is the key element between healthy narcissism and narcissistic personality disorder. She had no empathy for Richard, who you say balled his eyes out (fucking rude way to speak about emotional sharing but whatever) she didn’t care about him, she just pretended she wanted work it out… bitch was triggered by the way he typed, ffs really. Oh and going from the lovebomb to hate is splitting, going from a state of liking someone especially to the point of future faking love, straight to contempt in a matter of minutes/days is also B&W thinking. Holding the B&W thinking presents as contempt and hatred makes BPD vengeful. Let’s talk about love bombing which is Narc 101 – it’s obvious love bombing occurred, if he did it to her she would be relentless to get it back and extremely confused, just like he was… sorry love, but traits are traits – that chick is NPD with comorbid BPD… also know as actual Covert/Vulnerable Narcissist… (I did not see one BPD trait in Richard, so calling him the VN was cute)… She also said, finally, that she wasn’t into him… which was what he had been asking her to admit, be honest with him… 6 weeks she lead him on, that really is the biggest tell tale, very nasty and she didn’t care at all, just kissed him good-bye like he was one of her fans… super obvious to me

    • Alana Schneider Hard to ball your eyes out with ZERO tears. And TBH his oh so dramatic “crying” would have made ANY female dry as the Sahara forever, after the first fake cry.

    • Janine Greasley she’s manipulative and aggressive , if he bashed his hand on the dinner table screaming like she did you’d all be complaining

  7. I’m not a fan of him but her changing her mind and keep bringing up the past is irritating, just leave him already if that’s the case, no point in dragging it out.

  8. She is stunning, but she can’t keep harping on about previous relationships and been damaged, we all have at some stage, you have to let it go.however, he gives me the creeps, all he wants is sex and to let the world know, I mean what man does that, yea when your 17/ 18 maybe

  9. He is a dirty old man which involves viagra. I don’t blame Andrea regarding the crude and disgusting comments he was saying to the group regarding intimacy.

  10. Who would entertain putting yourself out there like that .
    And as for the so called experts ,they are creepy too

  11. Andrea loves herself and the attention a little too much as does Richie. I think the attention went to their heads a little to quickly

    • Dawn Korba She did NOT want to raise another child that was an insolent 12 yr old stuck in a 65 year old 🤡 Nor did she want to sleep with a whiny tantrum throwing twat.

  12. He’s successful!
    Banged a good looking woman 10 yrs his younger on an all expenses paid 6-8 week holiday and comes away none the worse!
    Off to the pub after that.

  13. That Cleese roast looked so cringeworthy just from the ads. Aussie B Listers telling awful jokes about a man who clearly was just there to collect a cheque

  14. They don’t get that at in your 60’s you don’t carry on like a teenager saying what you said to the world was too shameful for her & the fact you didn’t show her respect by mouthing off ,😬😬😬 ladies over 50 want to be respected in their old age!She has children & family watching also!👎👎👎💔💔💔

  15. She goes through this then shits on him she’s been leading him on for the last 7 and a half weeks another nut job

  16. So utterly sad with tears that they have split – they could have made a very lovely couple , just communicate

  17. I doubt he will ever end up with any self respecting woman until he learns to stop bragging about his sexual prowess & keep what should be private, private. They both have families, so what the hell is he thinking when he tells everyone what has gone on in the bedroom. I wouldn’t walk away from him, I’d run.

  18. Open wide. Cum inside. It’s. Tv open wide Richard cum inside now tell everyone. 🤣🤣🤣🤣Richard cranium. Crossed the line. What hapns wit women stays with women. Teach that old dog new trick. Called. Discretion. Good comedy show 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  19. Am I watching the same programme I think they are great together I really do but I am 89 this year would that make a difference do you think

  20. He was unsuccessful in bridging the generation gap. With his loose tongue no class whatsoever. As apposed to the beautiful classy lady he was paired up with


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ABC signs MOU with Indonesian National Public Television Network

The MOU jointly recognises the role of the ABC and TVRI as national broadcasters in their respective countries and serves as an expression of the ABC’s commitment to collaboration and cooperation with TVRI.

WATCH | First look at new season and judging lineup for THE VOICE AUSTRALIA 2024

The spectacular combination of brand-new coaches LeAnn Rimes, Adam Lambert, Kate Miller-Heidke and returning coach Guy Sebastian promises a season filled with phenomenal performances, emotional moments and life-changing opportunities.