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Everything New Streaming This MAY 2024 on APPLE TV+

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May 2024 on Apple TV+ is set to captivate audiences with an impressive slate of shows, including returning favourites and gripping new series.

This month, viewers can look forward to the premieres of Acapulco, Dark Matter, Hollywood Con Queen, The Big Cigar, and the continuing saga of Trying. Each series brings its unique flavor and narrative complexity, ensuring a diverse and engaging viewing experience.

Premiere: Wednesday 1 May
The third season of Acapulco continues to charm with its dual-timeline storytelling. This season, Eugenio Derbez reprises his role as the older Maximo, who returns to discover a Las Colinas that has changed beyond recognition, reflecting the sweeping alterations in his own life and the resort itself. Parallel to this, the series dives back to 1985 where a younger Maximo, portrayed compellingly by Enrique Arrizon, navigates the tricky waters of his burgeoning career. As he ascends the social ladder at the resort, younger Maximo finds himself at a crossroads, having to decide whether his professional ambitions are worth the personal costs. His journey is fraught with comedic mishaps and heartfelt moments, providing a nostalgic look at the trials of balancing ambition with personal integrity.

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Dark Matter
Premiere: Wednesday 8 May
Dark Matter translates the renowned science fiction novel into a visually stunning series that explores the existential what-ifs of life choices. Joel Edgerton stars as Jason Dessen, a physicist who is suddenly thrust into an alternate reality where his life has taken a drastically different path. The series excels in its depiction of a complex multiverse, where Jason’s journey to return to his family becomes a mind-bending adventure through worlds that might have been. As Jason encounters various versions of himself, some more sinister than others, the narrative delves into themes of identity, regret, and the essence of choice. This psychological thriller is set against the backdrop of the urban landscape of Chicago, adding a gritty realism to the high-concept premise.

Hollywood Con Queen
Premiere: Wednesday 8 May
In a riveting exploration of deceit and ambition, Hollywood Con Queen is a docuseries that delves into a real-life scandal rocking the entertainment industry. The series investigates the mysterious figure who has been impersonating top female executives to defraud aspiring artists and professionals. Through interviews, reenactments, and a gripping narrative led by a journalist and a private investigator, viewers are taken on a journey to uncover the identity of the Con Queen. The series not only explores the intricacies of the scams but also provides a commentary on the lure and pitfalls of Hollywood’s dream factory.

The Big Cigar
Premiere: Friday 17 May
The Big Cigar dramatizes the almost unbelievable true story of Huey P. Newton‘s escape to Cuba, orchestrated by Hollywood producer Bert Schneider. This series blends the worlds of Hollywood glamor with the gritty realities of political activism in the 1970s. The narrative is centered around the creation of a fictitious movie project, meant to serve as a cover for Newton’s escape. The show captures the tension and absurdity of the situation, filled with close calls and unexpected twists, presenting a thrilling account of one of the most daring escapes in recent history.

Season 4 Premiere: Wednesday 22 May
In its fourth season, Trying returns with Nikki (Esther Smith) and Jason (Rafe Spall) facing the challenges and joys of parenting. Having adopted two children, the couple navigates the complexities of family dynamics, including their relationships with each other, their extended family, and their community. This season focuses on the themes of familial bonds, the trials of adoption, and the personal growth of each character as they adapt to their new roles as parents. The series is known for its heartfelt and humorous take on the ups and downs of modern parenting, making it a relatable and endearing watch.

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