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Neil Mitchell and Peter Daicos boost SUNRISE’s Melbourne focus

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Channel 7’s SUNRISE adds Neil Mitchell and Peter Daicos to its lineup, enhancing its focus on Melbourne’s news, culture, and AFL.

In a strategic move to strengthen its Melbourne audience engagement, Channel 7’s Sunrise has enriched its team with the addition of two iconic Melburnian personalities, Neil Mitchell and Peter Daicos.

Sunrise is promising 2024 will see an increased focus on delivering content that resonates deeply with Victorians.

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Neil Mitchell, a venerable figure in broadcasting, is set to rejoin the Sunrise roster, bringing his insightful analysis of news, politics, and social issues to the morning segment each week starting this Thursday. Known for his candid and forthright commentary, Mitchell aims to engage with the Victorian audience on matters that are close to their hearts with his characteristic integrity.

Joining him in this endeavour, Collingwood legend Peter Daicos steps in as Sunrise’s first-ever AFL Insider for the 2024 season. With a storied 250-game career at Collingwood and his ongoing influence in the sport through his sons, Josh and Nick Daicos, Peter brings a wealth of experience and a unique perspective to the Sunrise team.

Neil Mitchell expressed his enthusiasm, saying,

“I have months of pent-up opinion ready to burst out and I am ready to share it with the Sunrise audience. I’m truly delighted to be back…

Much happens in Melbourne that sets the pace for the nation, and I hope to be on top of that… There will be opinions, debate, and news explained, but there will be fun too.”

Peter Daicos echoed the sentiment, remarking,

“This year promises to be an unpredictable and exhilarating season of AFL football and I am so delighted to be joining the talented Sunrise team for some insightfully different footy discussion and plenty of fun for season 2024.”

Natalie Barr, Sunrise co-host, highlighted the importance of open dialogue,

“One of the things I think people are craving right now is the ability to say what they think… We warmly welcome Neil and Peter Daicos into the Sunrise extended family and if we all disagree, great! Should be more of it.”

Sunrise airs live weekdays from 5.30 am on Channel 7 and 7plus

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