Australia’s Ice Crisis: FOUR CORNERS explores the plight of pregnant addicts

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As the nation grapples with a ten-year-long methamphetamine addiction, a crisis unparalleled in many global regions, Australia now faces a dire aftermath: Thousands of babies born annually bearing the ramifications of their mothers’ drug dependency.

This Monday, investigative program FOUR CORNERS, helmed by reporter Grace Tobin and acclaimed documentary filmmaker Sascha Ettinger Epstein, delves deep into this unspoken repercussion of the drug epidemic.

The episode, titled “Breaking the Cycle,” centres on pregnant women ensnared in the clutches of addiction, as they seek aid not only for themselves but also for their unborn children. Their ultimate aim? Severing the intergenerational ties of substance abuse before another life is detrimentally impacted.

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However, the journey to redemption is strewn with obstacles. Tobin and Ettinger Epstein’s probing revelations shed light on a healthcare system largely disinclined to address this burgeoning health calamity. Furthermore, the lacuna of in-depth research pertaining to the domain further exacerbates the situation.

In an endeavour to humanise this epidemic and dissipate the associated stigma, FOUR CORNERS adopts an empathetic approach. By meticulously crafting intricate character narratives, the program aims to dismantle prevailing prejudices, illustrating the multi-faceted intricacies of pregnancy intertwined with substance misuse.

With an unflinching commitment to factual storytelling, the episode promises to offer viewers an unprecedented insight into a concealed facet of Australia’s drug crisis.

FOUR CORNERS “Breaking the Cycle” is slated for broadcast on Monday, 14th August at 8.30pm on ABC TV and ABC iview.

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