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New season of GOOD KARMA HOSPITAL and more this JUNE 2023 on ACORN TV

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New series The Light In The Hall, Cannes Confidential and Season 4 of Good Karma Hospital coming to ACORN TV this June.

Cannes Confidential

Acorn TV Original Series, Streaming Exclusively on Acorn TV and AMC+

Cannes Confidential (Image - Acorn TV)
Cannes Confidential (Image – Acorn TV)

Set on the Cote d’Azur, Cannes Confidential is a blue-sky, romantic crime series starring French TV-drama actor Lucie Lucas (Clem, Porto and Gloria), Jamie Bamber (Strike Back, Marcella, Battlestar Galactica), and singer/actor Tamara Marthe (Profilage). The series centers on the relationship between an idealistic, local underdog female cop (Lucas) and an ex-conman (Bamber). The pair are forced into an unlikely — and surprisingly successful — crime-fighting partnership, which sees them solve a murder case in each close-ended episode.

However, the drama’s arc focuses on the main character’s quest to find the criminals who framed her father, a local-hero police officer who was jailed for a crime he did not commit.

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New Series Premieres Monday 26 June

The Light in the Hall

Streaming Exclusively on Acorn TV and AMC+

The Light In The Hall (Image - Acorn TV)
The Light In The Hall (Image – Acorn TV)

Joe Pritchard (Iwan Rheon) has spent 18 years in prison for the murder of Ela Roberts but has never revealed where her body is. When Joe is released, journalist Cat Donato (Alexandra Roach) returns home to uncover the truth about her school friend’s death. Ela’s mother,
Sharon (Joanna Scanlon) is also desperate for answers – and will go to any lengths to get them. As Cat’s questions set the town on edge, what sordid secrets will emerge?

New Series Premieres Monday 5 June

Good Karma Hospital

Acorn TV Original Series

Good Karma Hospital (Image - Acorn TV)
Good Karma Hospital (Image – Acorn TV)

Series four finds the tropical Indian hospital as busy as ever. The fierce and passionate Dr. Lydia Fonseca is forced to
confront her complex past and has to handle some home truths in order to save Greg from deportation and perhaps even their future together. With Ruby still reeling following Gabriel’s shock departure, she struggles to see into an uncertain future, makes rash decisions and tries to find ways to vent her fury.

Two new doctors arrive at The Good Karma Hospital – charismatic Dr. Samir Hasan and Dr. Nikita “Niki” Sharma, the epitome of a young, privileged woman who is getting a taste of medicant at the sharp end. Starring Amanda Redman, Darshan Jariwala and Nimmi Harasgama.

Series 4 Binge Monday 12 June

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