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The cutest show of the year MUSTER DOGS arrives this Sunday on ABC

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Spanning the red earth of the Top End to the green pastures of regional Victoria, Muster Dogs is a four-part series that follows five Kelpie puppies from the same litter on their journey to become muster dogs.

Muster Dogs (image - ABC)
Muster Dogs (image – ABC)

Five pups are sent to five graziers around Australia who will each try to get their pup up to speed in just 12 months.  Joni Hall travels alone with her pack of dogs across the Top End mustering cattle; Frank Finger’s family have been farmers in Clermont, Queensland, for three generations; Station owner CJ (Catherine) Scotney is a gifted horse trainer; Aticia Grey is a third-generation grazier and dog breeder in the Pilbara, Entrepreneur Rob Tuncks walked away from stockbroking to pursue his real passion: farming.

Under the watchful eye of respected expert trainer Neil McDonald, the puppies and their new owners will be expected to hit training milestones, before meeting again in twelve months’ time for the ultimate working dog challenge. Who will be crowned ‘Champion Muster Dog’?

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And will any of our eager puppy participants graduate into the adult muster dog pack?

Mustering stock with dogs is an ancient herding art form that is enjoying a renaissance in Australia. This series explores the unique bond graziers have with their best mate – their muster dog – revealing the underlying emotional, economic, and environmental benefits of using dogs rather than machines to muster.

The new original series is narrated by ABC Breakfast host Lisa Millar.

Production credits: An Ambience Entertainment production for the ABC with production investment from Screen Queensland and financed with support from the ABC. Series Director: Monica O’Brien. Directors: Michael Boughen, Sally Browning and David Wallace. Producers: Monica O’Brien and Michael Boughen. Co-producer John Unwin. ABC Executive Producer: Rachel Robinson. ABC Manager, Screen: Jo Chichester.  ABC Head of Screen, Sport & Events, Kath Earle.

Muster Dogs starts Sunday, 23 January, 7.40pm on ABC TV with all episodes available to binge on ABC iview.

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  1. Congratulations to all participants on the delightful new series “Muster Dogs”. The only dischordant note in a quintessential Aussie Show is the use of Americanisms by the narrator. In this country we muster, work and handle livestock; we DO NOT “WRANGLE” them!

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