The final season of WENTWORTH, season 3 of BRITTANIA, and more, coming to Foxtel in August


Lock the (cell) door as the concluding season of the award-winning Wentworth begins next month, guaranteed to get fans talking. You’ll also find returning superheroes, the final outing for another iconic series, an early festive treat, some gripping true crime, a reality competition that will make us all dance experts and much, much more!

The series that’ll make the headlines

Wentworth: The Final Sentence
10 episodes
Coming Tuesday August 24 at 8.30pm

This is it, the final instalment of the hit Aussie prison drama is about to begin. Trust us, the women of Wentworth are not going to leave without delivering a shock or 20. #TealTuesdays are back!

Britannia (Season 3)
10 episodes
Coming Wednesday August 25 at 8.30pm

This tantalising tale takes us once more to the Roman-ruled era of Britannia, where Celtic tribes vie for power and druids wield magic. Swashbuckling, bloodthirsty and rollicking times for all!

Hits straight from the US

DC’s Stargirl (Season 2)
13 episodes
Coming Wednesday August 11
EXPRESS at 8.30pm

Brec Bassinger’s high-school hero is a welcome addition to the DC Universe and she’s got a scary new foe on her trail. The series gets extra points for Luke Wilson as Pat, Stargirl’s stepdad sidekick!

The Walking Dead (Season 11A)
8 episodes
Coming Monday August 23 EXPRESS at 3pm
ENCORE at 8.30pm

We’ve been promised that the iconic zombie apocalypse drama is going all out for its concluding season. Expect big sets, big moments and even bigger scares – who’ll be left standing at the end?

Couch time: The movies to curl up with

Honest Thief
Coming Saturday August 7 at 8.30pm

Grizzled action man Liam Neeson is ready to right more wrongs. Here he plays a seasoned bank robber who wants to turn himself in, only to come up against some rogue FBI agents when he does so.

Happiest Season
Coming Sunday August 22 at 8.30pm

Harper (Mackenzie Davis) takes her girlfriend Abby (Kristen Stewart) to meet her conservative family for Christmas. Problem is, she’s not out yet – can they keep their relationship under wraps?

The reality that’ll make you smile

90 Day Fiancé (Season 8)
19 episodes
Coming Sunday August 22 at 8.30pm

The path to wedded bliss isn’t easy at the best of times, and visa-related issues can turn the stress up to 11! See both new and returning couples navigate all sorts of obstacles as this reality hit returns.

The Greatest Dancer
8 episodes
Coming Saturday August 28 at 7.30pm

Dancers of all ages and styles strut their stuff to win the audience’s approval in this uplifting dance competition that combines The VoiceBritain’s Got Talent and The X Factor. BYO jazz hands.

The true-crime cases to solve

How to Survive a Murder
4 episodes
Coming Thursday August 19 at 7.30pm

After the brutal murder of his mother-in-law, filmmaker John MacGibbon picked up his camera and embarked on a harrowing mission to uncover the truth about what happened. What he finds is truly shocking.

Murder in the Heartland (Season 3)
13 episodes
Coming Sunday August 15 at 8.30pm

This popular series realises if you want to get the full picture of a crime, ask those who know best what went down – the locals. This season, the murder of a student poses more questions than answers.

Full schedule

August 1

Danny Boy (90 Minute Special) – BBC First 8.30pm
Come Away – Drops on VOD 12.00am (LINEAR TX 7.30pm)
The Furnace – Drops on VOD 12.00am (LINEAR TX 8.30pm)
Girl In The Basement – Drops on VOD 12.00am (LINEAR TX 8.30pm)
The Runaway Bunny – Drops on VOD 12.00am (LINEAR TX 6.30pm)
Expecting Amish – Drops on VOD 12.00am (LINEAR TX 8.30pm, August 2nd)
The Wrong Mommy – Drops on VOD 12.00am (LINEAR TX 8.30pm, August 4th)
Barbie In The Nutcracker – Drops on VOD 12.00am (LINEAR TX 6.30pm, August 6th)
My Mommy’s Darkest Secrets – Drops on VOD 12.00am (LINEAR TX 8.30pm, August 7th)
Honest Thief – Drops on VOD 12.00am (LINEAR TX 8.30pm, August 7th)
Jungleland – Drops on VOD 12.00am (LINEAR TX 8.30pm, August 8th)
Ann Rule’s A House On Fire – Drops on VOD 12.00am (LINEAR TX 8.30pm, August 8th)
Mommy’s Little Angel  – Drops on VOD 12.00am (LINEAR TX 8.30pm, August 9th)
The Wrong Tutor – Drops on VOD 12.00am (LINEAR TX 8.30pm, August 11th)

August 2

Homes Under the Hammer (Season 24A) – Lifestyle Home 4.30pm
Ancient Engineering (Season 1) – History 7.30pm
Fish or Die (Season 1) – Animal Planet 9.30pm
Evil Lives Here (Season 6) – ID 9.30pm

August 4

Kensington Palace: Behind Closed Doors (2 Part Special) – BBC UKTV 8.30pm
Earth Wonders (Season 1) – Animal Planet 9.30pm

August 6

Legendary Locations (Season 1) – Animal Planet 9.30pm

August 7

Kentucky Murder Mystery: The Trails of Anthony Gray – ID 8.30pm
The Croods: A New Age – Drops on VOD 12.00am (LINEAR TX 9.00am)
All My Life – Drops on VOD 12.00am (LINEAR TX 8.30pm, August 11th)

August 9

Hell’s Kitchen (Season 20) – Lifestyle Food 9.30pm
Aussie Mega Mechanics (Season 2) – Discovery 8.30pm

August 10

Making a Monster (Season 1) – Crime + Investigation 8.30pm
Combat Ships (Season 2) – History 7.30pm
Richard Osman’s House of Games Night (Season 1) – BBC UKTV 8.30pm

August 11

DC’s Stargirl (Season 2) – FOX8 8.30pm
Deadliest Catch: Bloodline (Season 2) – Discovery 8.30pm
NASCAR 2020: Under Pressure (Season 1) – Discovery Turbo 8.30pm

August 12

Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine (Season 3) – Discovery 9.30pm

August 13

The Deadly Type With Candice Delong (Season 1) – Crime + Investigation 7.30pm
World’s Greatest Cars (Season 1) – Discovery Turbo 8.30pm
Pandemic – Drops on VOD 12.00am (LINEAR TX 8.30pm)

August 14

Good Trouble (Season 3B) – FOX8 10.00pm
Sarah Beeny’s Renovate Don’t Relocate (Season 2) – Lifestyle Home 7.30pm
Papillon – Drops on VOD 12.00am (LINEAR TX 8.30pm)

August 15

Blue Bloods (Season 9) – FOX ONE 9.00pm
Match Game (Season 2) – FOX ARENA 8.30pm
Alone (Season 8) – A&E 8.30pm
Murder in the Heartland (Season 3) – ID 8.30pm
Archive – Drops on VOD 12.00am (LINEAR TX 8.30pm)

August 16

Henry VIII: Man, Monarch, Monster (Season 1) – History 8.30pm
1000-lb Sisters (Season 2) – TLC 8.30pm
Extreme Sisters (Season 1) – TLC 9.30pm

August 17

Happiest Day – Drops on VOD 12.00am (LINEAR TX 8.30pm, August 22nd)
Words On Bathroom Walls – Drops on VOD 12.00am (LINEAR TX 8.30pm, August 19th)
Radioactive – Drops on VOD 12.00am (LINEAR TX 8.30pm, August 18th)

August 18

How to Survive a Murder (Season 1) – Crime + Investigation 7.30pm
Hampton Court: Behind Closed Doors (2 part special) – BBC UKTV 8.30pm
Hot Rod Garage (Season 7) – Discovery Turbo 9.30pm

August 21

Marlon Wayans: You Know What It Is (1 hour special) – FOX8 9.00pm
Let Him Go Drops on VOD 12.00am (LINEAR TX 8.30pm)

August 22

90 Day Fiance (Season 8) – TLC 8.30pm

August 23

The Walking Dead (Season 11) – FOX SHOWCASE 3.00pm
American Monster (Season 6) – ID 8.30pm

August 24

Wentworth (Season 8B) – FOX SHOWCASE 8.30pm
Scooby-Doo! The Sword And The Scoob – Drops on VOD 12.00am (LINEAR TX 7.30pm)
The Call – Drops on VOD 12.00am (LINEAR TX 8.30pm, August 27th)

August 25

Britannia (Season 3) – FOX SHOWCASE 8.30pm
Supergirl (Season 6B) – FOX8 9.30pm
Forged in Fire (Season 8A) – A&E 7.30pm
Bering Sea Gold (Season 9) – Discovery 9.30pm

August 26

American Horror Story (Season 10) – FOX SHOWCASE 8.30pm
Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby (Season 3) – Lifestyle 9.30pm
Archer (Season 12) – FOX8 8.00pm
Ade’s Climate Pioneers (Season 1) – BBC Earth, 7.20pm

August 27

Mysteries of the Abandoned: Animal Uprising – History 7.30pm
Drone  – Drops on VOD 12.00am (LINEAR TX 8.30pm, August 29th)
The Empty Man – Drops on VOD 12.00am (LINEAR TX 9.00am, August 6th)

August 28

The Greatest Dancer (Season 1) – FOX Arena 7.30pm
Redemption Day  – Drops on VOD 12.00am (LINEAR TX 8.30pm)

August 31

Blacklist (Season 7) – FOX One 9.00pm
Long Lost Family (Season 10) – Lifestyle 9.30pm

Abbey Mikkelsen
Abbey Mikkelsen is a producer of the ANJ, ROB & ROBBO SHOW, having worked previously at STUDIO 10 as the Production Assistant. She is a writer and producer of the TV BLACKBOX podcast, and contributor to the TV Blackbox website. She is also the host & executive producer of the PLAYING IT BY EAR podcast. For all media enquiries, please contact Abbey via: [email protected]



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