Popular lifestyle channel 9LIFE returns to regional Australia today on WIN Network


9Life has today made a much anticipated return to viewers across regional Australia.

From this Sunday, 1 August, 9Life has launched on channel 83 across the WIN Network’s regional markets of Queensland, Victoria, Southern NSW, Tasmania, Griffith, Mildura, Loxton, and Mount Gambier, and channel 85 in regional Western Australia.

The departure of the channel from at the end of June surprised many regional viewers, leading this website to be inundated with complaints from frustrated fans of the lifestyle channels programming.

Nine’s new regional affiliate, WIN Television was previously unable to fit 9Life onto its spectrum due to a contractual commitment to the Sky News On WIN channel which has now expired.

9Life’s enviable portfolio features the world’s biggest real estate shows, with new episodes of Masters of Flip, Escape to the Chateau, Building Off The Grid, Home Town, Good Bones, My Lottery Dream House and Flipping 101 with Tarek El Moussa.

Closer to home, the 9Life showcase also includes first-run Australian real estate content: Blue Lagoon Build, Renovate or Rebuild, Open Homes Australia, Dream Homes Revealed and Australia’s Best House.

Adding a flavour of reality, don’t miss Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Vanderpump Rules, Below Deck and Below Deck: Mediterranean,and more.

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  1. Currently still MIA on Foxtel in Canberra unfortunately – used to appear on channel 163 under SCA affiliation. Any ideas if there’s a plan to have it return? (Yes, I’ve completed a Foxtel rescan)

  2. Yay. Have waited many years for 9 to get it together and get an affiliate for regional WA who actually cares about what people want. And if people are watching a channel then businesses want to advertise on it. Win Win. So I wonder why it took so long for WIN to wise up.

    So thanks for finally broadcasting it!

  3. I can’t get 9 life through Foxtel either. We go through WIN as we’re in regional Victoria and have been informed that the 194 is the channel to use but it doesn’t!!!

    • I’ve been in conversation with Foxtel since Sunday night, initially they told me that 9Life was on channel 154 in Canberra.. it’s not. I’ve completed numerous rescans and they’ve had a look at my box remotely with no success.

      Yesterday they told me that they’re still working on the 9life channel as it is not showing on their own ‘listings’ .. whatever that means.. they did apologise for the inconvenience though.

      So…it would appear that they have no idea what has happened to the channel either.. 🤷

  4. So glad to hear others can also not get 9Life through Foxtel – very frustrating ! We have also done numerous rescan’s to no avail.
    MediaMonitor – if you get to the bottom of it and get 9Life back, would love you to share .
    Thanks all

    • Latest info received from Foxtel today –

      “We currently have no updates on what’s causing the issue. Our engineering team are still looking into what’s causing the issue for us to find the resolution needed. Appreciate the patience.”

  5. MediaMonitor was wondering if you have heard anything about 9life coming back to Foxtel as I have rang and they just say they have escalated my query and they will contact me as they are not sure what the problem is… haven’t heard anything so rang still no help grr would love it back

  6. Same at Ballarat still no 9 Life on Foxtel. Foxtel said I should install an aerial to get Free to Air. Not ideal as we cannot record the 9 life programs we want. One solution is to stream 9 life programs from iPad to google caster. It works!! When will 9 life return to Foxtel??

  7. I am also missing 9life in Canberra I called Foxtel and logged a ticket a few weeks ago. They called me today and advised Foxtel have decided to not provide 9life or 7flix to regional areas they closed my ticket and advised me the only way I can get it is to switch to the FTA tuner on my tv they are sending me a tv antenna splitter in the post to connect my IQ4 and tv. I have responded back to them by email and will let you know if I get a reply.

    • Andrew I have just updated to the IQ4 and they told me I needed a free to air tuner from jb hi fi to pick up FTA channels. They didn’t understand my request as I want to be able to watch tv normally and then go across to Foxtel when I wanted to watch it, my last box had a RV in and RV out but this one doesn’t. Sounds like I need a splitter as well I think as I am in regional nsw and no nine life on Foxtel here either but on normal tv

  8. Yes I got a similar reply. Foxtel have really let the regional people down, its just not good enough. We pay $139 per month and expect better. We now stream 9 life from 9Now on an ipad to the google caster connected to the TV. Not ideal but it works.

  9. I am also missing 9life channel I have rescand so many times but with no luck I am also using foxtel, I wish they would get there act together.


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