Thursday Ratings | Nothing comes close to the TOKYO 2020 OLYMPIC GAMES


Could this be our winningest away-from-home games ever?

Seven take advantage of a Thursday with limited interest in the other channels, again more than doubling Nine’s primary share and quadrupling 10’s! The late afternoon session peaks with Jess Fox’s gold medal run too. Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games – Evening (7pm) (1,149,000), Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games – Night (8:30pm) (1,275,000), and Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games – Late Evening (10pm) (578,000) draw slightly smaller though still solid numbers across the night.
Seven first in both primary (35%) and network (48%) rankings.

Nine launch with their best – A Current Affair (680,000) – and then split their scheduled based on the footy. So you either got:
Thursday Night NRL Live (262,000) and Thursday Night Knock-Off (80,000); or repeats of RBT (185,000), Paramedics (130,000), and King’s Cross ER (97,000).
Nine second in both primary (14.2%) and network (20.3%) rankings.

7:30 (534,000) and Foreign Correspondent (295,000) also down due to the Olympic bubble on the ABC, as was Q+A (243,000) – Well off the pace as when it was on Monday nights. A repeat of Joanna Lumley’s Hidden Carribbean (158,000)
was on television.
ABC third in primary (8.5%) and fourth in network (12.1%) rankings.

If 10 are the undisputed leaders with under 50’s then so few of them are watching TV at the moment it isn’t funny (it’s showing they are missing in these numbers). The Project (251,000 6:30pm; 376,000 7pm) might have been better off throwing on a repeat (would anyone have noticed?), and The Bachelor Australia (369,000) in all sorts of trouble as it picks up only very slightly on last night’s lowest ever numbers for the franchise. Sure, the Games are on, but this is ridiculous. A double repeat of Law & Order: SVU (164,000; 146,000) and new Blue Bloods (100,000) indeed were broadcast (I checked).
10 fourth in primary (7.6%) and third in network (13%) rankings.

SBS drop another great documentary in Grace Kelly: The Missing Millions (219,000), followed by a repeat of Who Do You Think You Are? UK (156,000) and then a brilliant new episode of The Good Fight (62,000).
SBS fifth in both primary (3.9%) and network (6.6%) rankings.

16-39: Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Day 6 – Night (293,000) took the win ahead of the Evening session, Seven News 6pm, The Chase Australia/Late Afternoon session, and the Afternoon session.

18-49: Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Day 6 – Night (470,000) beat out the Evening Session, Seven News 6pm, The Chase Australia/Late Afternoon session, and Seven News 6:30pm.

25-54: Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Day 6 – Night (519,000) brought home this important demo, leading the Evening session, Seven News 6pm/6:30pm, and The Chase Australia/Late Afternoon session.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Day 6 – Night Feed 2 (259,000) on 7mate the biggest thing on all the multi-channels.

Sunrise (330,000)
The Today Show (237,000)
ABC Breakfast (210,000 (125,000 ABC; 85,000 ABC News))

All figures Five City Metro (5CM); overnights only.

Top 20 Overnight Metro

Top 20 Multi-Channel Shows

Overnight Network Share

Top 20 Foxtel Shows

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