Landmark Australian documentary series SEE WHAT YOU MADE ME DO arrives this week on SBS


The new SBS documentary series See What You Made Me Do explores an epidemic that has no signs of slowing.

On average, one woman a week is killed by a current or former partner in Australia and most Australians who experience domestic abuse will never report it and their abusers will never be called to account. 

The landmark documentary series See What You Made Me Do explores an epidemic that has no signs of slowing. Hosted by investigative journalist, Jess Hill, and inspired by her award-winning book of the same name, See What You Made Me Do will ignite a crucial conversation about domestic abuse.

The series asks what needs to be done to keep women and children safer and hold perpetrators to account.

Over three episodes, Jess meets victim survivors who describe the shape-shifting of abusive behaviours – with violence one element among many. She talks to perpetrators and the people working with them to curb their behaviours. Jess takes us across Australia, and beyond its shores, to explore radical innovations which could make a seismic difference to curbing this crisis in our homes.

The series gives voice to the traumatised families left behind, featuring interviews with the parents of Brisbane mother Hannah Clarke and the family of Melbourne mother Katie Haley. Audiences meet long term activist Phil Cleary, whose sister was murdered by an ex-partner. An entire episode will explore the question that Jess Hill has so often been asked in the seven years she has investigated domestic abuse – Why doesn’t she just leave?

The story of Tamica Mullaley and her son will leave viewers wondering how these names aren’t indelibly stamped on the national conscience.   

See What You Made Me Do has been programmed during Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month and will be accompanied by a range of content across the network exploring domestic abuse.

Jess helps us navigate the extraordinary ways in which humans have historically used non-violence to manipulate, isolate and demean the people around them, with devastatingly powerful results.

See What You Made Me Do – New Series Premiere Wednesday, 5 May at 8.30pm on SBS and On Demand (3 Parts)




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