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Home Streaming SBS On Demand SBS interactive documentary to ask the question ARE YOU ADDICTED TO TECHNOLOGY?

SBS interactive documentary to ask the question ARE YOU ADDICTED TO TECHNOLOGY?

Dr. Kim Le (image - SBS)
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Never before in history have so few people been in control of the behaviour of billions of people.

Ground-breaking SBS interactive documentary Are You Addicted To Technology? is a must watch call to arms, that will make us rethink our – and the next generation’s – relationship to technology.

Hosted by former gaming addict turned clinical psychologist, Dr. Kim Le, this documentary experiment will reveal the detrimental impact that technology addiction is having on our mental health, our children’s wellbeing and our very humanity.

Prompting audiences to answers questions about their own tech usage throughout the interactive documentary, Dr. Kim Le will navigate us through this journey of enlightenment, with research experiments, expert opinions and interactive storytelling.

Using a rigorous Australia-wide survey, the viewer will have their level of tech addiction revealed to them during the experience. Along the way, Dr. Kim Le will reveal the tricks used by Big Tech to draw us to their products to make you understand why we’re addicted, how we got here, and what we should do next.

Are You Addicted to Technology? is a timely, radical and innovative interactive documentary, that will challenge us to reassess everything we thought we knew about ourselves and our relationship with technology.

Are you ready to take the challenge?

Are You Addicted To Technology? Australian Premiere Wednesday, 21 April 2021 on SBS On Demand

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