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In a special investigation, SKY NEWS explores the demise of KEVIN RUDD and MALCOLM TURNBULL, and their war on the media

Men In The Mirror: Rudd & Turnbull (image - Sky News Australia)
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Presented by Sky News Host and The Australian’s Associate Editor Chris Kenny, the one-hour special investigation examines the extraordinary parallel lives of two former Australian Prime Ministers –Kevin Rudd and Malcolm Turnbull. 

(L-R) Malcolm Turnbull and Kevin Rudd (image – The Daily Telegraph)

Once enemies and aggressive rivals, Rudd and Turnbull saw each other as the main barrier to each other’s destiny, as their naked ambitions defined one of the most turbulent times in Australian politics.  

Now, they’re united in bitterness as the most unlikely of allies. They have thrust themselves back into the  spotlight with an extraordinary campaign to try to save their legacies, by shifting the blame of their demise onto the media, in particular News Corp media organisations. 

Sky News investigates the real story behind their success and ultimate failures. 

A former chief of staff to Malcolm Turnbull, Chris Kenny explores every aspect of the former Prime Ministers’ lives, probing the shared narrative that binds the two. From boys suffering loss to leaders of their country, they were both shaped by childhood trauma, rose rapidly in brilliant pre-politics careers, and married strong  women before leading their parties and their nation. They shaped a tumultuous period that might have forever changed Australia’s political paradigm. 

The documentary hears from people who know these men well and have seen them in close quarters. Interviewees include Kevin Rudd’s brother and Canberra lobbyist, Greg Rudd, former Labor party leader Mark Latham, former Liberal party minister Sharman Stone, former QLD Premier Peter Beattie, political commentator Tom Switzer, former Liberal senator Nick Minchin, veteran cartoonist Warren Brown, former editor in chief of The Australian Chris Mitchell and Sky News Anchor and former Turnbull staffer Peta Credlin

Chris Kenny said:

“I have known and watched these men for all of their federal political careers and the  parallels between them are extraordinary; they share similar talents and skills, were embraced as Messiah  figures by the public and their parties, and brought themselves undone with the same fatal flaws. A key  question remains about what influence these brilliant but bristling former Prime Ministers will have on our nation.” 

Watch promo here.

Men In The Mirror: Rudd & Turnbull premieres Sunday 2 May at 8pm AEST Sky News on Foxtel and Sky News on WIN

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