Todd McKenney on the whole gang reuniting for DANCING WITH THE STARS


Todd McKenney returns to Dancing with the Stars and speaks to TV Blackbox about the two week event, the nostalgia and dating Sonia Kruger.

image – Nigel Wright

Seven is returning Dancing with the Stars on Sunday April 11th for a special 2 week event to bridge the gap between Easter and the new season of Big Brother, whilst Married at First Sight continues its extended run due to the late arrival of the Australian Open on Nine.

The series first premiered in October 2004 with hosts Daryl Somers and Sonia Kruger and judges Todd McKenney, Helen Richey, Paul Mercurio and Mark Wilson. The first season averaged almost 1.9 million viewers in the 5 mainland capital cities.

image – Nigel Wright

Whilst Seven are not expecting those kind of numbers this time, the network has decided to bring back the whole team from 2004 for the 2021 event.

If you were a fan of the original incarnation, you will find this new series to be fun, light, nostalgic and humorous.

image – Nigel Wright

Todd McKenney talks about:

  • getting the gang back together
  • the banter between himself and Sonia
  • the story behind Sonia Kruger being his first girlfriend
  • the professional dancers
  • his lower scores compared to the other judges
  • whether he believes Schapelle Corby is a worthy participant
  • going up against Married at First Sight
  • the All New Monty
  • Mates on a Mission

Special thanks to Lucy Nettlefold for organizing this podcast.

Dancing with the Stars starts Sunday 11th April on Seven

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  1. The audio mix on this one is shocking. Only one channel audio with each person coming out of only left or right and the levels are all out and over the shop. Would love to hear this ep, but just can’t actually hear it.

    Sorry guys!


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