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EXCLUSIVE | Perez Hilton says ‘release the footage’ as he blows the lid on Ryan Gallagher and those I’M A CELEBRITY claims

Perez Hilton in 2020 when he was on I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! (image - 10)
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The celebrity blogger is calling out his rival after being accused of violent behaviour

Perez Hilton‘s 2020 appearance on the Channel 10 reality TV show I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! has been making news this week with claims Hilton was violent on set in vision that was never televised.

It’s a claim Hilton vehemently denies in an interview on The Anj, Rob & Robbo Show:

“That never happened. If it did happen, it would have made it on the show or talked about on the show or I give the network permission to air it or I invite all of the other campmates to confirm that. They’re not going to cause nobody ever saw me punch out lights. It didn’t happen”.

*Watch the full interview in the player below

Contestant Ryan Gallagher made the explosive claims on the The Real House Husbands Podcast saying Hilton “punched the lights out. He was just insane”.

Gallagher also claims the camp were worried Hilton’s violence would escalate:

“We hid all the knives. We hid everything. We thought he was going to go insane. I went out there. I was like escalate walking. What! None of us are going to sleep tonight. We all feel on edge”.

Perez Hilton on The Anj, Rob & Robbo Show

Hilton has fired back at Gallagher saying he has information he is sitting on about an incident that happened with Gallagher during shooting and the only reason he hasn’t revealed it yet is because he promised production staff he would not do so.

“Ryan knows exactly what I’m talking about and exactly what he did that was inappropriate.

Trying to understand why Gallagher would make these claims, Hilton jokes that because of his Latino descent he can be loud, but never violent or aggressive:

“I’m a Cuban. We are animated passionate people. But I don’t understand how he could get that perception because I did not scream, yell at, threaten, or do anything menacing to any of the campmates that last night in camp or at all.

“You could say, “Oh, we just did not like him. He had an awful personality.” All of these things. But when you fabricate a lie that could potentially cost me future work, I will not tolerate that.

“I don’t want to call him dumb. I’m not saying that, but I would say he is maybe not the brightest. And he got caught up in the moment as you can do when you’re exaggerating or straight up fibbing. And his exaggeration, he built upon that and then fabricated something and straight up lied. I would have had no problem with everything he said had he stopped at the part where he said I punched lights”.

To watch the entire interview with Perez go to FaceBook.com/theARRshow

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