Heather Ewart travels to Eugowra for this weeks BACK ROADS


This time, presenter Heather Ewart has a go at driving a horse-drawn plough in the rich, farming country of the NSW’s central west.

The experience leads her to ‘dips me lid’ to local legend, 92-year-old Wilf Norris.

Wilf was only 14-years-old when he was put in charge of a ten-horse team of Australian Draft horses to work the family farm. He not only rose to the challenge, but also began a life-long love affair with a breed renowned for its endurance and hardiness.

As Heather discovers, these are qualities Wilf himself embodies. Wilf is now immortalised in a life-size mural in Eugowra, one of 34 beautifully executed artworks that are the town’s major drawcard.

They are the brainchild of young mum and graphic artist, Jodie Greenhalgh, who shares with Heather what inspired her.

While Eugowra is proud of its generations-long farming tradition, one of its local farmers is looking at the land through a very different lens.

Kim Storey is using her passion for photography to challenge the stereotype of farmers as old blokes with bibs and braces. Through her eyes, stock standard images of drought-stricken landscapes are transformed into breathtaking panoramas filled with drama.

Kim’s neighbours include three farmers of the future. Heather catches up with the cheeky, young charmers and watches them expertly going through their paces during a muster. Ella, Ava and Harry tell Heather they’re determined to follow their parents onto the land – but not as a team because as siblings, they’d argue too much!

Heather also meets Janet Seath, her daughter Libby and their cousin Julie Hutchings. The women share an extraordinary story with Heather about the truth of their ancestry, hidden from them for more than half a century.

Production credits: Executive Producer: Brigid Donovan. Story Producer: Gerri Williams.

Back Roads – Eugowra, NSW – Series 6, Episode 5 airs Thursday 4 March 8.00pm on ABC and iview



  1. You may disregard this message, but the appearance of Norris and Eugowra aroused my curiosity. In about 1949 aged 10, I visited a family named Norris in Eugowra with my grand father James Mathewson originally from Lake Cargelligo. The Mr. Norris was named Jack and he and his wife had 2 or maybe 3 sons. I had read Frank Clune’s bookThe Dark Outlaw and was interested in that story. My grandfather told me that he had met ‘Flash” Dan Charters at some stage. I may be just a stickybeak but have an interest in bushrangers, such as Frank Gardiner, ben Hall Johnny Gilbert, and, of course, Ned Kelly. I would appreciate it if you could confirm my suspicion, or add any relevant information.
    Yours sincerely,
    Kevin Beatty


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