Storyteller KODIE BEDFORD is the special guest this week on STAN GRANTS ONE PLUS ONE


Who are you? Black or white? Both? What is it to be a man? A woman? A migrant? An Australian?

In this episode, Stan talks to Kodie Bedford – a storyteller who aims to tell tales of modern Australia – free from the expectations of people who want to put her in a box.

Identity can feel like a straight jacket sometimes and what if we don’t want an identity at all?

Stan talks to some well-known Australians about who they are, and whether what they see is what the world sees.

Stan Grant’s One Plus One – Episode 5 airs Monday 18 January 8.00pm on ABC and iview



  1. I am so enjoying tonight’s show. Stan and Jodie. And I just want to tell them that I wish we could just all be called Australians. I also hate the labelling of people.
    Love you both and wish I could have seen your play Jodie. Keep up the great work.

  2. Dear, Jodie and Grant.
    As ‘older’ white Australians (70 plus) we were delighted to view the interview seen on One Plus One. Both you and Grant divulged in depth insights about being aboriginal in a multi cultural society, such that Australia is. Jodie, what a great revelation you have brought to us as you envisage an Australian society that recognises the great contributions made by aboriginal persons (including yourself) to our nation. Not only because of acknowledging historical injustices but because of the positive contributions made in science and the arts that enrich the unique Australian character of our pluralist society. We hope that your play will come to Melbourne audiences soon and we look forward to being part of the audience. Yours sincerely. David and Heather Bellette.


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