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Swedish crime comedy WE GOT THIS arrives at SBS ON DEMAND

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Grieving from the recent death of his father, the sudden collapse of his career and the arrival of an unsurmountable tax bill, George English (Schiaffino Musarra) is an American living in Sweden.

Racked with debt, he stumbles onto an unlikely solution; a 50 million Swedish Crown reward for solving the 30-year-old murder of the former prime minister Olof Palme.

Naturally, he begins to imagine that cracking the Palme case could be the answer to all of his problems. Together with his closest friend, a not so intrepid journalist (Alexander Karim, The Lawyer, Thin Ice) who wants nothing to do with the case, a whacky conspiracy theorist and a former police officer, they follow the case into a web of conspiracy.

Keeping his wife and daughter in the dark whilst following the cover up and the inconsistencies in the original investigation, George quickly realises that every step he takes towards the truth, the more dangerous his operation becomes.

After a major discovery, George finds himself on a head on collision course with history, as their investigation goes from a laughing stock to a very real and closely watched operation by the media, politicians, titans of industry and organisations that stretch far beyond the Swedish borders that, for a variety of reasons, would rather this case remain forever unsolved.

We Got This is based on the real-life murder and investigation of Olof Palme – a case that remained unsolved until this year and for which there was a 50 million Swedish Crown public reward.

We Got This – Australian Premiere Thursday, 7 January 2021 on SBS On Demand (all six episodes available to stream)

In English and Swedish with English subtitles.

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