Thursday Ratings | A wasteland after 7pm


Smell that? The end of ratings is next week and the programming is already signalling it.

A triple episode of Home & Away (517,000 avg) followed by a 2-hour episode of Britain’s Got Talent (224,000) helped Seven to a win (though really it was their News product that brought it home – nearly 100k ahead of Nine). Seven first in primary (18.2%) share; tied first with Nine in network (27.6%) share.

When A Current Affair (567,000) is the highest rating thing after the news, you know you’re in trouble. While a repeat of Paramedics (400,000), a double repeat of King’s Cross ER (345,000; 298,000), and a new episode of Chicago Med (174,000) deliver what they can, it wasn’t enough for Nine to end up better than second in primary (17.7%) share; though they managed to tie first with Seven in network (27.6%) share.

7:30 (509,000) started the night reasonably for the ABC, though it appears only die hard fans turned up for the rest of the night: Scottish Vets Down Under (328,000), a repeat of Griff’s Great Kiwi Road Trip (285,000), a repeat of Death In Paradise (188,000), and a repeat of Anh’s Brush With Fame (112,000). ABC third in both primary (11.9%) and network (18.6%) shares.

The Project (244,000 6:30pm; 401,000 7pm) delivers its lowest 7pm numbers in over a week, and that’s saying something. A double of of Jamie’s Quick & Easy Food (271,000; 234,000) way off the pace at 7:30pm, setting the rest of the night up to fail. A new ep of Law & Order: SVU (164,000) then followed by a repeat (118,000) didn’t light any fires, hanging out to dry the season five premiere of This Is Us (61,000). 10 fourth in both primary (8.6%) and network (16.8%) shares, barely beating a test pattern.

Heeler-watch™: Bluey (219,000 am; 183,000 pm) one of the best shows going around, and the only thing that lands first in the multi-channel race.

Sunrise (276,000) first again, ahead of The Today Show (224,000) and ABC Breakfast (208,000 [142,000 ABC; 66,000 ABC News]).

All ratings data listed is Five City Metro, overnights only.

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Note: Program performance and ranking information subject to change when not based on final program logs. Programs with the same name on one or more primary or multichannel, are aggregated into one network figure.

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