BINGE adds more viewing options with new SAMSUNG TV app


Streaming video provider Binge is now available to watch on the latest Samsung supported TVs. 

This follows recent product enhancements including the addition of Closed Captions.

BINGE Executive Director, Alison Hurbert-Burns, said:

“Since launching in May this year, BINGE has been entertaining customers with the world’s best shows including drama, comedy, movies and more.

“Today’s announcement is part of a comprehensive features roadmap to continually improve the viewing experience, and to enable more Australians to enjoy BINGE’s incredible content.

“For entertainment lovers with a Samsung TV, we’re excited for them to be able to access BINGE and the world’s best shows like The Undoing, Euphoria, The Walking Dead and upcoming series The Flight Attendant.

“And I’m thrilled that we now offer Closed Captions on a huge range of our content with the team adding more and more titles every day,”

Director of Audio Visual, Samsung Electronics Australia, Hass Mahdi, said:

“Samsung is committed to offering more choice and experiences via the Smart TV platform. The way we are utilising our TVs has changed and it’s important that we continue to grow our content offering. We hope our customers enjoy being able to revel in the comprehensive entertainment programming offered by BINGE.”

BINGE is now available on all 2017-2020 Samsung TV models.

Subscribe to BINGE now and enjoy the world’s best shows for just $10

Kevin Perry
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