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Home Podcasts THE UNDOING: Mediocre or massive hit? | TV Bingebox S01E31

THE UNDOING: Mediocre or massive hit? | TV Bingebox S01E31

Hugh Grant and Nicole Kidman star in THE UNDOING (image - Foxtel)
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Knock knock

Who’s there?
Nicole Kidman.
That’s a harsh criticism of her acting, dude.

When HBO and Foxtel/Binge roll out the red carpet for their big new hit™, you know there’s gonna be some star power involved. It’s no different with this bold new six-parter starring Nicole Kidman, Hugh Grant, and Donald Sutherland, and adapted by one of the best in the biz David E Kelley.

But really… just between you and us… is it good enough?

Join Jo, Dan, Brooky and Molk as we give you some great tips, hints on shows to watch and those to give a wide berth to as we land squarely in the TV Bingebox!

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In this episode we cover off:

  • Our Clap or Slap shows (ones we’ve been loving and others we’ve had the misfortune to watch), include: Visible: Out on Television (Apple TV+), Truth Be Told (Apple TV+), Unforgotten S03 (Stan), Condor (Stan), Borat Subsequent Moviefilm (Amazon Prime), The Vow (FOX SHOWCASE), Seduced (Stan), Fargo (SBS), The Detour (Stan), Reputation Rehab (ABC), NRL Grand Final (Nine), Talking Heads (BBC First/Binge), The Bachelorette (10), Housewives of Cheshire (HayU), The Spanish Princess (Stan);
  • This week’s #GroupBinge pits Bingie vs Bingie as we discuss and dissect THE UNDOING (FOX SHOWCASE/Binge); and
  • It’s Jo’s turn for a #Rewind as she drags us back to a time when turtles were Turtles as she introduces us to ENTOURAGE (Binge).

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