New local series DEMOLITION DOWNUNDER enters the crazy world of smashing stuff!


Discovery is taking audiences inside the high-pressure world of Australia’s demolition industry in Season 2 of Demolition Down Under.

The local series, coming to Discovery for the first time, follows highly skilled crews as they tackle everything from high rise apartments and sunken wharves, to bizarre structures and massive warehouses.

Lifting the roof on the demolition industry, the series shows how crushing towers of concrete and tumbling tonnes of steel, dangerous situations, tight deadlines and even tighter budgets are all in a day’s work for these crews as they subdue unstable buildings and navigate hazardous structures.

In this world, knocking down a 1000-tonne building can be undone by a just few kilos of bricks, or a millimetre mistake on a small suburban house can lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage.

This season of Demolition Down Under is packed with hair-raising jobs including a multimillion dollar mansion in Ascot, Queensland that has to be brought down completely by hand; a monolithic former concrete plant requiring a massive demolition effort; a 14 metre vessel that has sunk off the coast of Fraser Island; the bushfire damaged Binna Burra eco-resort on the Gold Coast that needs to be torn down to make way for new life and a 50-tonne crane is brought in for a deep-sea demolition.

From difficult structures and crumbling interiors, to ripping off heavy roofs, dropping giant walls and steering 50-tonne machines over treacherous ground, the Demolition Down Under crews put everything on the line to get the job done and the building down.

Demolition Down Under is produced by WildBear Entertainment and supported by the Queensland Government through Screen Queensland.

Demolition Down Under, Season 2 – Stream or watch Thursdays from 5 November at 8:30pm Discovery

Discovery is available in Australia on Foxtel and Fetch TV






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