New documentary series to reveal THE SECRET OF SKINWALKER RANCH

While most look to the stars for extra-terrestrial life, one group of researchers is doing the opposite; they’re looking underground.

But this ground is no ordinary piece of land, it is one of the most infamous and secretive UFO hotpots on Earth.

It is called Skinwalker Ranch, and this 512 acres in Utah’s Uintah Basin is as iconic in its intrigue as Area 51, and as forbidden from entry. Skinwalker Ranch has been the site of both paranormal and UFO events that no one can explain.

For more than 200 years, hundreds of sightings have been reported but no one has found an answer to why this place seems to be a magnet for alien life. But now there is a team that believes they’ve found a reason…and it’s under the very ground on which they stand.

Despite decades of study, some clandestinely funded by the government, despite energy and unmistakable noises emanating from the caves and ground, no one has ever dared to go below ground and perhaps for good reason.

There’s only been one rule on this land since the legends began: DO NOT DIG, it could cost you your life.

Few have ever gained access to Skinwalker, and fewer have been able to bring cameras. Now, for the first time ever, this legendary ranch is opening its doors and giving full access as the team prepares to do what’s never been done.

THE SECRET OF SKINWALKER RANCH – Season 1 Thursday October 1 at 7.30pm on HIstory and stream Foxtel On Demand


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  1. Could have been a very interesting series, but the repetitive content is highly irritating having said that you only get about 15min worth of something to look at………and please remove the head of security “Dragon” which is so afraid of his own shadow (Don’t know how he got that job in the first place) lot of amateurs….

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