RECAP | Team Italy’s perfect Pasta secures victory over Team Venezuela on PLATE OF ORIGIN


On Monday’s episode of Plate of Origin, Team Italy’s mother and daughter team, Teresa and Michelle showcased textbook Italian cooking with a squid ink pasta no judge could fault, scoring a perfect 30 out of 30 for their main, leaving Michelle in tears.

Friends Kiki and Aly declared it was time to introduce Australia to Venezuelan cooking, with Aly becoming emotional when serving the judges a dish they hadn’t tried before.  Their main dish scored a strong 26 out of 30, but it was no match for the ‘pasta master’ Teresa. 

The four dishes in Monday’s episode. (image – Seven)

Team Italy took a risk with their dessert with a modern version of a classic cannoli but didn’t quite nail it. They ran out of time to create the perfect shaped ‘cannoli bowl’, but with a perfect main they still secured a win over Team Venezuela with 52 out of 60 points. 

Michelle said: “We brought this home for us, for our family and for Italy.  The Italian community might not be happy we messed with the cannoli, but they’ll be happy that we won.”  

Team Venezuela will now go into an elimination round.

The Scores

In the next episode

Team India, Team France, Team Australia, Team Venezuela and Team Vietnam – the five losing teams from the head-to-heads compete in the first elimination challenge by turning the flavours of their nation into an Aussie classic – the pie!

The stakes are raised when teams learn that two of them will be eliminated by the end of the day.

Plate of Origin continues Tuesday September 8, at 7.30pm on Seven


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