BREAKING | Redundancies at 10 News and changes at STUDIO 10


A meeting has just been held at Channel 10 where staff were informed of major changes coming to the news department

Georgina Lewis has been informed the Brisbane news will now be read from Sydney

10’s news boss Ross Dagan has announced significant changes to the news department during an all staff meeting.

Amongst the changes announced will be the centralisation of all news presentation to Sydney and Melbourne.

The Brisbane and Perth news services will be read from Sydney and Adelaide will be read from Melbourne.

TV Blackbox can confirm all three presenters in the Brisbane newsroom were told this morning they would no longer have jobs.

During his address to staff Ross Dagan said;

“This is a sad day”

Dagan also advised there would be staffing changes at Studio 10, and Mumbrella are reporting the Natarsha Belling and Tim Bailey are casualties in the redundancies, as is Kerri-Anne Kennerley. Joe Hildebrand is in discussions with regard to his time at the network.

TV Blackbox has heard rumours of changes which would include on-air changes.

Chief content officer Beverly McGarvey sent out an e-mail to staff shortly after:

Dear All,   

As part of our ongoing strategy to transform our business for the future, we are restructuring our News, Operations and Technology departments. Following an initial period of consultation, a redundancy program will commence for this group.  

We remain committed to providing local news and news gathering in all markets. These changes in our production methodology allow us to be more efficient while continuing to provide important local news services in all states. 

Unfortunately, this means we will say goodbye to some incredibly talented colleagues and friends who have made important contributions to our business.    

The changes that will go into effect beginning Monday, September 14 are:   

The weekday 5.00pm to 6.30pm 10 News First bulletins will be centralised in Sydney and Melbourne. Weekday Brisbane and Perth news bulletins will take place in Sydney, and Melbourne will present its local news and the Adelaide news bulletin. Note that the national weekend news bulletin will remain the same.

Although the Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth bulletins will not be presented locally, they will remain locally produced and we will continue to employ local reporters, news crews and operations staff in those markets.   

We will move to a national weekday weather model which will encompass local and national weather forecasts. A new national meteorologist will be announced soon.  

There will also be some changes to the presentation of Studio 10, the details of which will be communicated to the relevant staff.   

Across the organisation, your managers and Human Resources partners will take you through the detail of these measures and their implementation. Please reach out to them with any questions you have. You can also access a range of support services through Network 10’s Employee Assistance Program on 1800 808 374.  

I want to make it clear that these changes reflect the state of the media industry and the need for all media companies to achieve new efficiencies and find new operating models. They were not made easily and involved a lot of thinking about how we need to operate to ensure we move forward in the strongest way possible.      

We remain committed to our news organisation, and deeply value this team’s work. As mentioned, 10 News First will continue to be produced locally in each market. It will continue to have local news gathering services, reporters, camera crews and production staff. It will continue to bring local news to viewers.    

Personally, I would like to express my sincere thanks and gratitude for the great work, commitment and enthusiasm the departing staff have shown to their jobs and our company.  

I’m incredibly proud of the work we’ve done and continue to do.    

Thank you everyone for your ongoing commitment to driving our organisation forward. I know change is not easy, but I am confident that we will build an even stronger media company for the future.     

Kind regards,   


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Robert McKnight
"Leading TV commentator" - The Daily Telegraph | "Known for his impeccable sources in the TV industry" - The Daily Mail | "Always first with the correct info" - Beau Ryan | Robert McKnight is a highly regarded Australian Television Producer having worked at SEVEN, NINE and TEN during his 25 years in the industry. Publicly he is most well-known for creating and producing STUDIO 10 but has worked on SUNRISE, THE MORNING SHOW plus other prime time productions in addition to creating award-winning news campaigns for both 7NEWS and 9NEWS. Currently, Rob is the host and producer of the TV BLACKBOX, MCKNIGHT TONIGHT and MONSTERS WHO MURDER podcast, and was the creator, host & executive producer of the video streaming show THE ANJ, ROB & ROBBO SHOW.


  1. My comment to the redundancies are technology oriented.

    When the Optus (formerly Aussat) satellite was launched in 1986, it totally revolutionised the way program content, including news stories were distributed around the country.

    Generally, for most networks before 1986, each state had their own presentation suites with tape copies of program content at each studio complex. With the satellite, program content could be sent from one location, say Sydney. Appropriate delays were placed into the schedule for differences in each state’s time zone. No need for people working in each state in presentation of tapes, and other ancilliary services.

    Yes the distribution of programs and news items were delivered by coaxial cable routed through the sound and video services of the PMG then Telecom Australia and Telstra in each capital city to each studio. Today stories are quickly distributed between states with satellite and through IP streams.

    What is not clear for example is that when the Brisbane bulletin is presented from Sydney, will there be a separate presentation from Sydney for the Brisbane market and another presentation for the Sydney market? What is not clear is that despite the ease of distributing stories from different states via the satellite or IP will there be a continuation of coverage of newsworthy items from Queensland or will the news be a Sydney-centric?

    Then broadcasting a news bulletin from Sydney for the Melbourne market is not new. In 2011 it was reported that Network 10 was to broadcast the weekend bulletin for the Melbourne market from Sydney,

    It is also not new that the ABC 7:30 Report was until a few years ago a state-based program. Today it’s a national production without a Friday bulletin.

    A final remark on those about to lose their position. It is sad that a lack of revenues to Network 10 results in a loss of employment. This is not meant to be cold comfort, but the current pandemic has affected the advertising revenue to newspapers, radio and TV including subscription TV. Lots of staff have been made redundant and roles have consolidated.

    While the ‘stars’ have gone let us not forget the other non-appearing staff who will lose their job. The ‘pub test’ is whether one will notice anything lacking in the final product that goes to air post cuts. Perhaps the loss of on air presenters may be noticeable. The test will the viewer stay tuned to the program whether it is Studio 10 or the news? On the other hand do you need so many presenters on a show such as as Studio 10?

    On the other hand Studio 10 ain’t Mike Walsh or Midday with Kerry Anne. The latter two shows had international guests and musical interludes with an orchestra. It was not about someone wanting to sell a book. Even “Good Morning Australia” with Bert Newton had a musician John Foreman with a drum machine. Given lower ratings for Studio 10, the show may need to be rejigged in order to attract more audience. I was not amiss at the letting go of Kerry Anne from Studio 10 who was the host of Midday.

    However when Mike Walsh and its successor Midday was conceived, it was to fulfil a market for stay-at-home domestic partners. During the late 1970s, such a show would generate $50 000 in weekly profits. Today’s couples are both working so there is no market for a Midday-type show. Perhaps a Midday-style show would not attract advertising revenue resulting in an economic loss.

    I’m not here to say how Studio 10 could be rejigged. Four hours is very long compared to one and a half hours for Midday. I regard the reasonable Studio 10 audience as intelligent. It may be more economical to invite people specialised in international relations, medicine, education and finance on issues that affect the viewing audience. The advertorial model of raising revenue is no different than Graham Kennedy trying to sell dog food or Alka Seltzer. These paid segments could have a bit of fun with the presenters being part of the act. Remember Graham Kennedy did generate a lot sales from his antics. But that is a suggestion.

    Thank you,
    Anthony of exciting Belfield

  2. di you really value shows like the masked singer above news
    it’s the reality shows that should get axed
    paying morons like Dave hugh’s and others
    you should be ashamed

  3. This should happen at the ABC.
    Sorry to hear so much talent being lost.
    However I,m sure they will find new positions elsewhere.
    News papers have gone this way.
    Only hope they don’t come up with Fake news for ratings.

  4. Good to hear “KAK” has gone. Such an annoying, self indulgent person. I like the rest of the cast and have this show on in the background to my life.
    I seek out female representation and female “stuff” it commonly bored the shit out of men.. Who cares. We need female voices and this is what I listen to apart from the ABC.
    So much for women’s voices.

  5. Tim Bailey is an icon surely he could do the weather on alternate nights.He is funny and makes the weather fun I’m disappointed he’s gone.

  6. How about getting rid of the PROJECT and Walid, the show is an abomination of misrepresentation, of the truth

  7. I enjoy watching Studio 10, BUT Joe Hilebrand can go, he only ever brings negativity and is not in any way amusing or has any positive to bring to a conversation. KAK is all about her. Natarsha Belling should be given a chance to co host, yes I know it’s new cuts but be the first network to put women out front, you network bosses just might get a surprise. Thank goodness you have Sarah Harris to save Studio 10.

  8. So glad KAK is going, they lost me as a viewer, I couldn’t put up with her right wing diatribe. Sad about Natasha though, she’s good value. I say keep Natasha toss out Hilderbrand.

  9. Tarsh, the most naturally gifted TV personality on chanel 10, and you’re getting rid of her. Riddle me that one batman

  10. How ridiculous getting rid of Natarsha Belling. She is the only decent person at Channel 10. Stop paying out money for Bachelor in Paradise and keep Tash. I am sure negotiations could have been done.

  11. Totally agree Tarsh has a great personality, really sad to see her go. Hope she s snapped up by some forward thinking intelligent T.V CEO.

  12. You should have kept Tim Bailey. News needs the fun side so we can get through it. Great personality.

  13. Hi keep tarsh is lovely she been around a very long time Natasha has a lovely confidence Tim a legend he great with the weather I dont watch this news I not an ABC girl I watch win news at 6 Natasha and Ron Wilson would work together I not sure what he does he on prime of a weekend thank you to all the people who have worked behind closed doors and in front of the camera thank you

  14. Not sorry to see KAK go but VERY disappointed Natarsha Belling will no longer be part Studio 10. She has a great sense of humour and her laugh cheers me up. Would love to see Joe and Denise still part of the team. Love the show so hope it can survive with the hosts still involved. Keep up the good work.

  15. Do you really think every body watches,Larr y & Kylie ,David & What’s her name ( you are dumb if you think that) Who is this nobody replacing Tash ????.
    You kept that stuck Sarah chic , and some dude who can’t speak (Australian,or even the Queens English ?????
    I t was time for KAK to go ,Johno (you are degrading yourself) radio was your best medium…
    The Project (what crap Walleed !!! With his fake painted Logie ,Carrie , great , Peter Hillier good , bin the rest.
    Bachelor ,Bachorlette absolute rubbish ( can’t get through 5 seconds, wife hates them both.)
    Masked singer (oh ! dear) the masks cost more than the talent ,almost every body is a nobody.
    Flick anything with that loud mouth moron in it.
    If you need local content ,you had and have great talent all those for mentioned ,as well as Grant Denyer ( you very nearly lost him,didn’t you )
    The crowd you think watch silly reality shows ,all by on line ,and not from your bricks and mortar retailers , that have ,our used to advertise with you ,but at least you have a slice of the useless gadget market covered..
    Last but not least bring back,Madam Secretary, ( but not at 11PM) (the menials are on the I Pad ,the rest of us actually work to buy products from Aussie retailers ,(Gerry H ,spends the most advertising dollars in the country) ( but only a token amount , when you have something to air worth watching

  16. Georgina Lewis is a far better newsreader than ole “gravelvoice” Sandra Sully. Let’s hope Georgie is quickly picked up by another network.

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