BETWEEN TWO WORLDS bumped to late night as Seven shuffles the decks

Due to lacklustre ratings, Seven have bumped this Sunday’s episode of Between Two Worlds to 10pm on August 9th.

The Bevan Lee-created series faltered with the second episode, delivering sub-300k ratings this past Sunday. It has prompted Seven to push it later into the evening, resulting with changes in the rest of their schedule to match. Liar is moved to 11pm, and Absentia is out this week (but will return next week). A repeat of 7 News Presents: Anita Cobby now airs at 8:30pm.

On Monday August 10th, the premiere of Chicago Fire is once again out of the line-up, replaced with a 1 hour The Latest: Seven News and then Seven will fast forward to the season final of S.W.A.T by screening a double episode at 10:30pm. (11pm in Perth)

Criminal Minds returns to the line-up on Tuesday August 11th with episode 8 in the final season.

In a mammoth two hour podcast with Bevan Lee, I did note my concern about possible ratings for Between Two Worlds, which was about promotion and not the creativity of the show.

Aaron Ryan
Aaron Ryan is currently the Broadcast Guide Editor and a News Contributor for TV Blackbox. An experienced media writer, his work has appeared on sites including TV Central and Mumbrella since 2009. Aaron can be heard weekly on Gold and Power FM | Call/Text - 0400 218 566

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  1. Replay please for between 2 worlds from last night 9th August. Finally a decent show & had to watch another rerun of Anita Cobby thing. Let the poor girl RIP

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed Between Two Worlds. Highlight was the emergence of Australia’s answer to Angelina Jolie, Melanie Jarnson as the scheming Georgia. With time and the right roles this stunning young actor will be a super star.

  3. I enjoyed the show and was wondering when and where the show was continuing.
    It seems to have disappeared from Sunday night altogether

  4. All the crap on TV and a decent show is aired and then sent to late at night. Thank goodness for ability to record it to watch next day. Really hope there is a Season 2.

  5. Really enjoyed beween two Worlds then it went really late then disappeared. Please show the second series. Very little else worth watching on any channel for me.

  6. Love between two worlds and have searched but can’t find the episode due to air Sunday 13th. Please advise and continue this drama

  7. Please, please continue “Between Two Worlds” . You have left us with a cliff-hanger and I am so wanting to see more episodes.

  8. Something decent to watch again and scrapped. It was good drama. I had to record in the late time slot but enjoyed watching. Good drama. You did the same with “A place to call Home. “

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