Weekly Ratings Summary

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RATINGS WRAP | JAMIE OLIVER’S cooking sends 10 to the toilet as NINE moves closer to winning 2020

It was a week when Seven could only deliver three nights worth of decent programming, a British Chef stunk up 10’s schedule, and Nine's CEO was forced to depart at a time when his company is blitzing the competition.

THE BACHELOR delivers record low result as SUNRISE fights back against TODAY

It was a week when The Bachelor limped to a conclusion, Plate Of Origin was given a lethal injection. And Sunrise reminded everyone why they have won every single day of the breakfast TV ratings for the past two years.

Lockdown drama at THE BLOCK lets NINE dominate ratings week

It was a week when Nine revealed its vision for the future at Upfronts, Seven found success with D-grade celebs dropping their dacks, and 10 finally found a way to wrap up the Masked Singer.