THE BACHELOR delivers record low result as SUNRISE fights back against TODAY


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Week 39 delivered more success for Nine with The Block continuing to deliver the goods.

It was a week when The Bachelor limped to a conclusion. Plate Of Origin was given a lethal injection, and Sunrise reminded everyone why they have won every single day of the breakfast TV ratings war for the past two years.

Key Data

  • Nine was the nb1 primary channel with a 20% share.
  • Nine was also the nb1 network with a 28.8% share.
  • It was a lousy week for 10 finishing in fourth place with primary channel share of just 10.9%.
  • 10Bold was the nb1 multi-channel.
  • Nine won the primary and network demos of 25-54s and 16-39s.
  • Wednesday’s penultimate episode of The Bachelor was the most-watched program on streaming catchup platforms

 (full channel data below)

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Locky Gilbert was not 10’s first choice to be The Bachelor this year, in fact he wasn’t their second pick either. His lack of overall charisma and charm has helped drive this series to its lowest ratings on record.

Thursdays Final Decision failed to achieve a metro audience above 1 million for the first time in the show’s Australian history. Audience figures for the final reveal were down 25% on last year.

  • Wednesday – 720k national (584k metro)
  • Thursday – 874k (694k)
  • Thurs (Final Decision) – 1.112m (879k)

Overall the series rated 18% lower than last year, and all eyes will now be on The Bachelorette featuring a somewhat peculiar sister-act to see if the network can find a way to breathe new life into the tired dating format. Early social media feedback suggests they won’t…

Seven kicked off its week with the second of three All New Monty specials. Ratings were down on the week prior, but it would still be considered a success for the network.

  • Performance – 931k (805k metro)
  • Sunday – 876k (758k)

The network also had to burn off the final two episodes of the year’s biggest flop, Plate Of Origin on Tuesday evening. Unsurprisingly audience levels were at rock bottom as the winner of the $100,000 prize was announced at 10:30pm

  • Episode One – 514k (349k)
  • Episode Two (Finale) – 455k (335k)

The Block continued to deliver consistent healthy audiences for Nine throughout the week.

  • Sunday (Room Winners) – 1.144mil national (1.029m metro)
  • Sunday – 1.102mil (987k metro)
  • Monday – NA (885k)
  • Tuesday – 1.109mil (807k)
  • Wednesday – 973k (701k)

Other highlights for Nine included 60 Minutes with 798k (717k metro). The second episode of Australian Crime Stories on Wednesday evening had an audience of 542k (379k metro).

It really was a forgettable week for 10, Todd Sampson’s Bodyhack struggled on Tuesday evening with a lacklustre 431k (306k metro).

Gogglebox on Thursday evening had a national audience of 826k (654k metro) on 10.

Without a decent lead-in, Have You Been Paying Attention was well down on recent weeks with 785k nationally (578k metro) for its 200th episode celebration.

Home and Away was the top Australian drama averaging 877k national (535k metro) Monday-Thursday.

In its fifth week, Halifax Retribution continues to build audience and respect delivering 772k nationally (517k metro) for Nine. The episode also secured a BVOD audience of 47k on 9Now.

Sunday night on ABC featured the premiere of a new documentary series Rise of the Murdoch Dynasty. Episode one delivered an audience of 627k nationally (548k metro).

Other highlights on the network included:

  • Grantchester – 593k national (517k metro)
  • Australian Story – (575k metro)
  • Four Corners – (463k metro)
  • Anh’s Brush with Fame 894k (638k)
  • Further Back In Time For Dinner 787k (543k)
  • Hard Quiz 992k (729k)
  • Mad As Hell 803k (572k).

Once famous for boobs and football, SBS is now all about the trains. World’s Most Scenic Railway Journeys was the network highlight securing a Thursday night national audience of 556k (390k metro).

7NEWS was the top show nationally every night, with Monday-Friday at 6pm averaging 1.592m national (1.043m metro). 9News won the 6pm battle in Sydney and Melbourne.

10 News First averaged 482,000 viewers nationally (338k metro) Monday-Friday.

The Project at 7pm averaged 522,000 viewers nationally. (401k metro)

Have the good times come to an end for Today?

After five consecutive weeks of wins on the east coast, Karl and Ally got a reminder of the dominance of Sunrise this week.

Sunrise recorded wins in every city with a national Monday-Friday average audience of 468k (273k metro) compared with Today averaging 315k (212k).

Monday night’s final AFL match of the regular season was the top rating sport of the week, scoring an audience of 767k national / 605k metro, including 308k in Melbourne.

In the same timeslot, the Eels vs Broncos clashsecured a national FTA audience of 519,000 (Metro 327k metro) on Nine. An additional 249k nationally watched the match on Fox League.

Weekly Network and Channel Shares – Week 39

Seven Network – 27.9%

  • Seven – 18.5%
  • 7TWO – 3.5%
  • 7mate – 3.6%
  • 7flix – 2.3%

Nine Network – 28.8%

  • Nine – 20.0%
  • 9Go – 2.6%
  • 9Gem – 2.6%
  • 9Life – 2.3%
  • 9Rush – 1.3%

10 Network – 16.8%

  • 10 – 10.9%
  • 10Bold – 3.7%
  • 10Peach – 2.3%

ABC Network – 18.4%

  • ABC – 13.8%
  • Kids/Comedy – 2.6%
  • ABC Me 0.4%
  • ABC News – 1.5%

SBS Network – 8.1%

  • SBS – 5.1%
  • Viceland – 1.3%
  • SBS Food – 0.9%
  • NITV – 0.1%
  • World Movies 0.7%
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