KARL and ALLY fighting back as Seven claims another victory in Week 34


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Seven was the big winner in week 34, winning the title of top rating network and nb1 primary channel.

Nine finished in second place again let down by underperforming NRL figures latter in the week. Despite having more multi-channels than any other broadcaster, tv guides full of repeat content is unsurprisingly failing to hold viewer interest.

Nine will be hoping the return of The Block this week airing across multiple nights will be enough to put the network back in front.

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It was another terrible week at 10 with the network falling into fourth place behind the ABC. Things got off to an awful start with the return of Family Feud in a primetime Sunday night timeslot slumping to a national audience of 458k (330k metro).

10Bold finished as the number one multi-channel for the week, just ahead of 7mate. (full channel data below).

One of the most interesting aspects of the week was the battle at breakfast. Sunrise continued to win every morning, with a Monday-Friday average of 464k national (267k metro) however, archrival Today is showing signs of fighting back.

Karl and Ally won the week along the combined east coast capitals of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane with an average audience of 191,000 compared to Sunrise’s 189,000.

Across the 5 City Metro markets, the gap between Sunrise and Today was just 36,000 viewers, the smallest margin of the ratings survey year so far. ABC News Breakfast dropped back to third place, a sign that viewers might finally be tiring of depressing COVID headlines.

Farmer Wants A Wife continues to be the highlight of Seven’s year with Sunday’s episode taking the title as number one entertainment show for the week with a national audience of 1.368m (853k metro). The show also earned the title of most streamed catch-up program with a Video Player Measurement (VPM) rating of 127,000

Seven also found success with 7NEWS Spotlight: The Lindy Tapes achieving a national audience of 933k (574k metro). By comparison, 60 Minutes had an audience of 637k (486k metro).

The Ninja Warrior State of Origin started strongly for Nine with the first episode on Sunday attracting an average national audience of 1.188m (877k metro). The conclusion on Monday dip slightly to 1.001m (736k metro)

The Masked Singer was the highlight of 10’s week with the Monday episode averaging 1.02 million viewers nationally (767k metro). That figure increased to 1.26 million viewers nationwide (930k metro) for the reveal portion of the show.

The Bachelor continues to be a concern for 10. The Wednesday night episode rated 847k (672k metro) while the Thursday edition fell to 718k (591k metro). The show is doing much better online however with a VPM rating of 117k (Wednesday) and 108k (Thursday) making it the 3rd and 4th most streamed program of the week.

Weekly highlights at the ABC included Vera 979k nationally (658k metro), Australian Story 816k (588k), Anh’s Brush with Fame 879k (613k), Hard Quiz 1.043mil (737k) and Mad As Hell 901k (649k).

7NEWS was the top show nationally every night, with Monday-Friday at 6pm averaging 1.670m nationally (1.088m metro) 9News won the week in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. 10 News First at 5pm averaged 546,000 viewers nationally. (388k metro).

Saturday night’s ‘Dreamtime’ AFL game in Darwin was the top sport of the week, scoring an audience of 880k national / 648k metro.

Weekly Network and Channel Shares – Week 34

Seven Network – 28.9%

  • Seven – 19.4%
  • 7TWO – 3.5%
  • 7mate – 3.7%
  • 7flix – 2.3%

Nine Network – 27.1%

  • Nine – 18.7%
  • 9Go – 2.4%
  • 9Gem – 2.5%
  • 9Life – 2.3%
  • 9Rush – 1.2%

10 Network – 16.9%

  • 10 – 10.8%
  • 10Bold – 3.9%
  • 10Peach – 2.2%

ABC Network – 18.0%

  • ABC – 13.2%
  • Kids/Comedy – 2.6%
  • ABC Me 0.4%
  • ABC News – 1.8%

SBS Network – 9.1%

  • SBS – 5.6%
  • Viceland – 1.4%
  • SBS Food – 1.0%
  • NITV – 0.2%
  • World Movies 1.0%
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