RATINGS WRAP | JAMIE OLIVER’S cooking sends 10 to the toilet as NINE moves closer to winning 2020


A NSW win in State Of Origin and four nights of ratings powerhouse The Block have propelled Nine to another easy victory in Week 46.

It was a week when Seven could only deliver three nights worth of decent programming, a British Chef stunk up 10’s schedule, and Nine’s CEO was forced to depart at a time when his company is blitzing the competition.

Key Data

  • Nine was the nb1 primary channel with a 22.9% share.
  • Nine was the nb1 network with a 31.3% share.
  • Nine won the key demos in 25-54s and 16-39s.
  • Nine has now won 20 weeks, putting it one week away from claiming victory in 2020.
  • 10 finished in fourth place again with a primary channel share of just 10.3%
  • 7Two was the nb1 multichannel.
  • Episode 7 of SAS Australia was the most-watched program for the week on streaming platforms

 (full channel data below)


Seven kicked off its week with the Sunday night quiz format Beat The Chasers. It held the majority of its audience from the week prior, delivering the network a national audience of 961k million (630k metro).

Moving into its fourth week on-air, broadcast audiences for SAS Australia are continuing to decline. Seven would be concerned by the fact each episode this season has rated slightly lower than the one prior.

SAS Australia is still performing well in the young male demo but is proving to be a bit of a turn off for female viewers.

  • Monday – 859k national (584k metro)
  • Tuesday – 871k (582k metro)

While broadcast audiences for SAS Australia continue to decline, the show remains hugely popular online, taking the top two spots on BVOD charts by a comfortable margin.

The rest of the week on Seven was a complete wasteland, something that doesn’t look like changing until Big Bash cricket returns in December.


After Game One of this year’s State Of Origin series delivered a record low ratings result for Nine, network insiders would have been praying for a dramatic increase for game two.

Origin 2 secured a national audience of 2.434 million (1.654mil metro). The result was a marginal improvement on the game one figure of 2.378 million (1.598mil metro), but still down 365k compared with game two last year.

NRL figures have been well down throughout 2020, and this latest poor result comes at a time when Nine is hoping to market State Of Origin to advertisers as Australia’s answer to the Superbowl. Good Luck!

Meanwhile, The Block continues to be a ratings powerhouse, for Nine. It’s getting to the point where they will need to build a statue of Scott Cam at the networks new Sydney headquarters.

  • Sunday (Room Reveal) – 1.445mil national (1.061 mil metro)
  • Sunday – 1.364mil (1.012 mil metro)
  • Monday – 1.105mil (805k metro)
  • Tuesday – 1.121mil (826k)
  • Thursday – 1.012k (748k)


A rather forgettable season of Junior MasterChef wrapped up on Monday night. While the final episode performed better than the rest of the series, it was still the lowest rating finale episode of any MasterChef Australia season.

Overall this season of Junior MasterChef averaging just 691,000 nationally across the series, (519,000 metro). Making it the lowest rating season of MasterChef ever in Australia.

The network will now be left hoping these pint-sized junior cooks have not caused viewer fatigue for the original format when it returns next Easter.

  • Sunday – 720k (526k metro)
  • Monday (Winner Announced) – 1.157mil (881k metro)
  • Monday (Grand Final) – 859k (652k metro)

Have You Been Paying Attention was down slightly on the week prior, 789k nationally (620k metro).

The rest of the week on 10 was a complete right off.

Despite having access to the vast programming library from parent company ViacomCBS, the best the network could do to fill its programming void was four underwhelming episodes of Jamie Oliver Quick and Easy Food.

  • Wednesday (Ep1) – 365k (272k metro)
  • Wednesday (Ep2) – 304k (228k metro)
  • Thursday (Ep1) – 340k (267k metro)
  • Thursday (Ep2) – 304k (242k metro)

Seriously, if 10 thinks Jamie Oliver is the answer, then they clearly have no idea what the question is…

Despite more programming changes, multichannel 10 Shake is still struggling to connect with its target youth audience, achieving a paltry broadcast share of just 0.5%. A result that puts it equal with ABCME, and just about NITV on 0.3%


Four Corners wrapped up its 2020 season with a story that certainly made a few people in Parliament house very nervous indeed. The inept attempt by certain Government ministers to muzzle free journalism within this country was both appalling and served as the perfect piece of marketing to ensure the program deliver one of its biggest broadcast audiences for the year.

The episode was also a winner for iview finishing as the 3rd most-watched BVOD program for the week.

ABC Highlights include:

  • Restoration Australia – 793k national (522k metro)
  • Roadkill – 555k (380k metro)
  • Australian Story – 891k (572k)
  • Four Corners – 1.176 million(824k)
  • Outback Ringer – 570k (362k)
  • Hard Quiz – 839k (610k)
  • Gruen – 849k (627k)
  • Planet America – 495k (370k)
  • Scottish Vets Downunder – 567k (373k)


7NEWS was the top show nationally every night, with Monday-Friday at 6pm averaging 1.483mil (965k metro). 9News won the battle in Sydney and Melbourne. But there has been a significant turnaround in Brisbane with 7News again winning the week by a substantial margin.

10 News First averaged 463k nationally Monday-Friday (320k metro)

The Project 7pm averaged 594k nationally Monday-Friday (450k metro)

Sunrise recorded another win in the breakfast timeslot with Monday-Friday averaging 458k national (265k metro).

Weekly Network and Channel Shares – Week 46

Seven Network – 25.3%

  • Seven – 16.6%
  • 7TWO – 3.7%
  • 7mate – 3.3%
  • 7flix – 1.8%

Nine Network – 31.3%

  • Nine – 22.9%
  • 9Go – 2.7%
  • 9Gem – 2.3%
  • 9Life – 2.1%
  • 9Rush – 1.2%

10 Network – 16.9%

  • 10 – 10.3%
  • 10Bold – 3.4%
  • 10Peach – 2.6%
  • 10Shake – 0.5%

ABC Network – 19.2%

  • ABC – 13.5%
  • Kids/Comedy – 2.9%
  • ABC Me 0.5%
  • ABC News – 2.2%

SBS Network – 7.3%

  • SBS – 4.4%
  • Viceland – 1.2%
  • SBS Food – 0.8%
  • NITV – 0.3%
  • World Movies 0.7%
Kevin Perry
Co-Creator and Editor of the TV Blackbox website, Kevin Perry is an experienced media commentator focused on TV Production, Consumer Tech, SVOD & Sports Broadcasting. Media enquiries please Call or Text 0428-275-111



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