Lockdown drama at THE BLOCK lets NINE dominate ratings week

Week 38 was all about Nine with the network winning all key milestones.

It was a week when Nine revealed its vision for the future at Upfronts, Seven found success with D-grade celebs dropping their dacks, and 10 finally found a way to wrap up the Masked Singer.

Key Data

  • Nine was the nb1 primary channel with a 19.2% share.
  • Nine was also the nb1 network with a 27.6% share.
  • The ABC had a strong week pushing 10 into a distant fourth position.
  • 7mate was the nb1 multi-channel.
  • Nine won the primary and network demos of 25-54s and 16-39s.
  • Wednesday’s episode of The Bachelor was the most-watched program on streaming catchup platforms. (full channel data below)

Seven kicked off its week with the first of three All New Monty specials. It proved to be a successful programming decision achieving a national audience of 1.198 million viewers (781k metro).

The rest of the week was far more lacklustre for Seven. Plate Of Origin is limping to a conclusion which cannot come soon enough.

  • Monday – 503k (342k)
  • Tuesday – 582k (410k)

As revealed by TV Blackbox, the network will now burn off the final two combined episodes of Plate of Origin with the winner of the $100,000 prize to be announced at 10:30pm

With less competition from rivals, The Block is now delivering a more consistent audience throughout the week and is proving why it remains one of the networks most important assets.

  • Sunday (Room Winners) – 1.343mil national (991k metro)
  • Sunday – 1.309mil (960k metro)
  • Monday – 1.068mil (791k)
  • Tuesday – 1.131mil (821k)
  • Wednesday – 1.017mil (742k)

Australian Crime Stories premiered a new season Wednesday evening on Nine with an audience of 655k (452k metro). An episode of Crime Investigation Australia had 631k (398k metro) on Seven

The Masked Singer wrapped up its 2020 season on Monday night with an impressive grand finale that featured cast involvement from three locations.

  • The Final Reveal – 1.68 million viewers nationally (1.19 mil metro)
  • Grand Finale – 1.37 million viewers nationally. (1mil metro)

Todd Sampson’s Bodyhack returned on Tuesday evening with a lacklustre 493k (346k metro).

The Bachelor is now in its final stages and did manage to build its TV audience slightly compared with resent results;

  • Wednesday – 780k national (617k metro)
  • Thursday – 784k (611k)

Unsurprisingly, the show is far more popular with younger viewers online. The Wednesday episode was the most streamed program of the week with a BVOD audience of 224k.

Gogglebox on Thursday evening had a national audience of 857k (644k metro) on 10. Very impressive when you consider the episode also delivered a national audience of 175k on Foxtel

Have You Been Paying Attention did even better with 1.05 million viewers nationally (765k metro).

Home and Away was the top Australian drama averaging 940k national (563k metro) Monday-Thursday.

In its fourth week, Halifax Retribution achieved an audience of 726k nationally (508k metro). Those figures are up slightly on the week prior. The episode also secured a BVOD audience of 71k on 9Now.

Nine didn’t the mention the Rebecca Gibney drama at its 2021 Upfronts event this week, but it is certainly deserving of a second season.

Sunday night featured the premiere of a new documentary focused on the life and career of Cathy Freeman. The program did well for the ABC with an audience of 974k nationally (708k metro). It also did extremely well on iview with a BVOD audience of 155K making it the third most streamed show of the week.

Other highlights on the network included:

  • Midsomer Murders – 825k national (552k metro)
  • Australian Story – 920k (615k)
  • Four Corners – 714k (473k)
  • Anh’s Brush with Fame 953k (649k)
  • Further Back In Time For Dinner 794k (537k)
  • Hard Quiz 988k (696k)
  • Mad As Hell 816k (568k).

The Worlds Most Scenic Railway Journeys secured a Thursday night national audience of 472k (320k metro) on SBS.

7NEWS was the top show nationally every night, with Monday-Friday at 6pm averaging 1.595m national (1.021m metro). 9News won the 6pm battle in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane by strong margins.

The Project at 7pm averaged 664,000 viewers nationally. 491,000 capital city viewers.

For the fifth straight week, Today has won the East Coast breakfast battle defeating Sunrise, 189k vs 177k.

Today also won across all five capital cities in the key advertising demos of 25-54s and 16-39s. Seven is reportedly so concerned about the recent results they have ordered Sam and Kochie to return to the real world and work a five-day week…oh dear.

Overall, Sunrise won the week with a metro Monday-Friday average of 259k metro compared with Today on 226k.

Friday night’s St Kilda vs Giants AFL match was the top rating sport of the week, scoring an audience of 675k national / 513k metro, including 309k in Melbourne. An additional 191k nationally watched the match on Fox Footy.

In the same timeslot, the Eels vs Broncos clashsecured a national FTA audience of 519,000 (Metro 327k metro) on Nine. An additional 249k nationally watched the match on Fox League.

Weekly Network and Channel Shares – Week 38

Seven Network – 27.4%

  • Seven – 17.6%
  • 7TWO – 3.7%
  • 7mate – 3.9%
  • 7flix – 2.2%

Nine Network – 27.6%

  • Nine – 19.2%
  • 9Go – 2.7%
  • 9Gem – 2.2%
  • 9Life – 2.3%
  • 9Rush – 1.1%

10 Network – 17.1%

  • 10 – 11.2%
  • 10Bold – 3.7%
  • 10Peach – 2.2%

ABC Network – 18.1%

  • ABC – 13.7%
  • Kids/Comedy – 2.6%
  • ABC Me 0.4%
  • ABC News – 1.4%

SBS Network – 9.7%

  • SBS – 6.7%
  • Viceland – 1.4%
  • SBS Food – 0.7%
  • NITV – 0.1%
  • World Movies 0.8%
Kevin Perry
Co-Creator and Editor of the TV Blackbox website, Kevin Perry is an experienced media commentator focused on TV Production, Consumer Tech, SVOD & Sports Broadcasting. | Call/Text 0428 275 111

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