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2024 season of UNDER INVESTIGATION to explore fresh mysteries with Liz Hayes

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Under Investigation returns with Liz Hayes, exploring fresh mysteries and seeking justice for unresolved cases.

Channel 9 and 9Now are set to broadcast a captivating new season of Under Investigation with Liz Hayes, starting Wednesday, February 7, at 9.00pm.

This latest installment promises to delve deeper into unsolved mysteries, cold cases, and controversial cover-ups with Liz Hayes, a renowned journalist, at the helm.

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In 2024, Hayes elevates the investigative scope of Under Investigation (UI) by visiting crime scenes, collaborating with forensic experts in their labs, and interviewing key witnesses and victims. The show’s distinctive War Table serves as the center for in-depth analysis by a diverse team of specialists in criminal and scientific disciplines.

The season kicks off with a probing reexamination of the tragic death of Leanne Sleba in Queensland, who was fatally shot by her husband Geoffrey under mysterious circumstances. Initially deemed an accident, the UI team, led by Hayes, embarks on a quest for clarity. They conduct ballistic tests and consult snake experts to reenact the incident, offering new perspectives on the case.

Another significant investigation focuses on Graham Stafford, accused of murdering 12-year-old Leanne Holland. Despite his conviction and subsequent acquittal after 15 years in prison, doubts linger due to recent claims by Queensland Police of compelling evidence against him. Stafford’s voluntary participation with the UI team and Hayes aims to shed light on his innocence through meticulous forensic analysis.

The disappearance of Sandrine Jourdan in Queensland, leaving no trace within minutes, is also scrutinized. Through computer and handwriting analyses and a thorough examination of personal belongings, Hayes and Damian Marrett, a seasoned detective, seek to uncover the truth behind Jourdan’s vanishing.

Additional inquiries include the mysterious death of a young man in witness protection, the horrific acts of a serial rapist disguised as a police officer in Western Australia, China’s espionage activities targeting Australians’ personal data, and the death of teenager Eden Westbrook in Tasmania, sparking global intrigue.

“Our program is about shining a light on difficult and sometimes very dark stories. But it’s always about uncovering the truth, and importantly, offering the families and friends of victims a chance at finding out what happened to someone they love,”

Liz Hayes stated. She emphasizes the importance of firsthand involvement in investigations to bring comprehensive evidence and insights to the viewers.

Under Investigation with Liz Hayes – New season premieres Wednesday, February 7, at 9.00pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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