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UNDER INVESTIGATION – Jaidyn Leskie: Little Boy Lost

TODDLER JAIDYN LESKIE WAS MURDERED IN 1997 AND A WHOLE TOWN SEEMED JUDGED FOR THE CRIME Moe, in rural Victoria, was home to a poverty-ravaged underclass who became the targets of a media...

China and the Virus – Tonight on UNDER INVESTIGATION with LIZ HAYES

Liz Hayes puts China & The Virus under investigation, with scientific experts putting the case for and against the ‘lab leak’ theory, as well those who defend China’s actions – and its innocence.

Domestic violence perpetrated by police officers on 60 MINUTES

THIS WEEK ON 60 MINUTES LAW UNTO THEMSELVES As protectors of the community, police are expected to be tough. But what happens when they take their aggression home and are violent with the people...

60 MINUTES team reflect on tumultuous 2020 in special Sunday episode

In a special edition of 60 MINUTES, reporters Liam Bartlett, Liz Hayes, Tara Brown, Sarah Abo and Tom Steinfort reflect on a tumultuous year, from the first early reports of a mysterious form of pneumonia striking people down in China to the realisation the world was battling a catastrophic pandemic.

Good Cop, Bad Cop – a 60 Minutes special

A special edition of 60 MINUTES, tonight at 7.30pm on Channel Nine, will reveal the sordid truth about former NSW Detective Roger Rogerson.


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