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Unpacking the great Kate Coat debacle on THE UNREAL HOUSEWIVES PODCAST with NIC and MOLK!

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Just when you thought you got out…they drag you back in, eh Caroline?

Hello lovers. The aftermath of Killcare and ‘fur-gate’ looms large in this bitsa episode, however it’s the efforts of Krissy and Caroline to try to broker peace between Kate and Victoria that draws everything together quite neatly.

Not that Sally helped in the process. At all.

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While the others spin around keeping their lives running (Nawal still needs a couple more cooking lessons from Nicole), Victoria’s launch was incredible and it seems she’s really making an effort to build bridges with Kate…or is she? Kate doesn’t think so and it only inflames the situation. But who doesn’t wear scrubs out to lunch with three of your ‘besties’?

(Sadly our schedules couldn’t align with a Housewife for a chat this week…but hoo baby do we have a cracker lined up for next week’s ep!)

Another cracker in the conflict stakes for The Real Housewives of Sydney, and with Sally’s sizzle regarding her launch event next week it appears the lifting and separating of the ladies could not be more obvious.

Huge thanks to the team at BINGE for connecting us with the Housewives – a big new exclusive chat landing on the podcast next week!

We’re delivering each episode LIVE every week in-season on the Unreal Housewives podcast with Nic and Molk Facebook page, where you can watch it live after the fact also on Spotify. It’s available for you to follow and download in your fave podcast app too!

Or…you can watch it here:

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Or listen to it here too:

Join hosts Nic & Molk *LIVE* 8:30pm AEDT every Tuesday night in season on THE UNREAL HOUSEWIVES PODCAST WITH NIC & MOLK Facebook page as we discuss, dissect, and destroy the ever-privileged goings on of the The Real Housewives of Sydney season two!

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