A festival-themed birthday party fuels drama on the latest ep of THE UNREAL HOUSEWIVES PODCAST with NIC and MOLK!

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Put your wings on, and prep yourself for episode three of THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF SYDNEY season two!

Hello lovers. It’s great to see this week people reconcile, and attempt to and fail badly.

The fallout from Nicole‘s dinner party continues, with both Caroline and her comments about having it all (and Sally‘s views on them) and Krissy and her focus on Kate causing all sorts of catch-ups and controversy. As it turns out, that’s nothing until we get a few drinks in and put our wings on ready to celebrate Kate’s 40th birthday with a festival theme…with onions on the menu!

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It’s everything we’ve come to expect from The Real Housewives of Sydney and this week they didn’t disappoint. *Cue eyeroll from Terry*.

We’re delivering each episode LIVE every week in-season on the Unreal Housewives podcast with Nic and Molk Facebook page, where you can watch it live after the fact also on Spotify. It’s available for you to follow and download in your fave podcast app too!

Or…you can watch it here:

Or listen to it here too:

Join hosts Nic & Molk *LIVE* 8:30pm AEDT each Tuesday night on THE UNREAL HOUSEWIVES PODCAST WITH NIC & MOLK Facebook page as we discuss, dissect, and destroy the ever-privileged goings on of the The Real Housewives of Sydney season two!

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THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF SYDNEY manage to land Tokyo front and centre in a tardiness debate

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