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HAYU gathers the biggest, baddest and most backstabbiest reality stars for a new outrageous competition series and it’s coming this October.

House of Villians, Season 1

Friday October 13

House of Villains, trailer. Source: Hayu.

Hayu brings together 10 iconic and infamous reality television villains under one roof for the new competition series House of Villains. Hailing from some of the most popular reality television franchises, these notorious villains meet their match as they must outsmart, out-manipulate and out-scheme each other through a series of challenges in order to a win a $200,000 cash prize and the title of “America’s Ultimate Supervillian”.

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Each week the contestants compete in a battle-royale challenge that tests their physical, mental and emotional strength. It’s a battle of the century as alliances are made, trusts are broken and the villains scheme their way to the top.

Winter House, Season 3

Wednesday October 25

Winter House, Season 3, first look. Source: Bravo.

Get ready for fresh powder, surprising new fresh faces and a flurry of drama as Winter House returns for season 3! For the first time, the ultimate Hayu crossover heads west to Steamboat Springs, Colorado where an eclectic group of Hayu celebrities will stay under one roof for an unforgettable two-week vacation.

Below Deck Mediterranean, Season 8

Tuesday September 26

Below Deck Mediterranean, Sneak Peek, Source: Bravo

Set amidst the mesmerising Italian Riviera and the historic facade of Genoa, Italy. It’s all hands on deck this season for Captain Sandy and her team. From outrageous guests to after-hours antics, the boat gets rocked throughout each charter as the crew navigates complicated dynamics and unexpected rifts.

Sandy levels up this season with the 180-foot M/Y Mustique, which challenges her deck crew as they attempt to navigate the busy industrial port with the utmost precision. Before they even leave the dock, visa issues tie up two crew members while a department head mismanages important paperwork.

Sandy leans on temporary help for the first charter and an unexpected shake-up results in a change of hierarchy. On deck, the crew is overwhelmed by their workload on the oversized vessel as the interior deals with a clash of personalities. Chef Jack wows the guests with his impressive take on local Italian fare, but things start to sour when communication goes south.

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Samantha Kirkley
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